Executive body Meeting of various SOBA Chapters

08 April 2016


Executive body meeting of various SOBA Chapters was schedule in The Scindia School on 6th and 7th April 2016. Some Old Boys along with some office bearers arrived on the fort for the proposed meeting. All the members stayed at Madhav House, Jayaji House, Heritage Housing Block and the school guest house. This was the first time ever such an effort was implemented. The visit to SOBA House was an important part of their visit.
On 6th April apart from the meeting they visited the Niyogi Art centre/ music room, went for nature walks around the fort, saw the temples and visited to all the Taals on fort such as Suraj Kund / Khamba Taal and Katora Taal. They cycled around the fort apart from the Cross Country route, saw the light and sound. Another highlight of the visit was attending Astachal which was specially organized for them where students sang the bhajan, 'Ma shaarde'. Mr Sandeep Agarwal, Secretary SOBA sang a song which was originally a poem written by Scn. Gyanraj Prabhu (Ex MD, 1975) - "kile se jo jude naate".
On 7th April 2016 the Old Boys had Disciplinary Committee Meeting and Alumni Database Committee Meeting. Later they enjoyed swimming, table tennis and squash with the boys. The Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat hosted a dinner and a musical evening at his residence. During their stay they enjoyed meals in the dining hall where they were specially served 'saada' which was greatly appreciated by one and all. The Old Boys interacted at length with the faculty, students and conducted a special session with the prefects.
On 8th April 2016 they had sumptuous breakfast in School Dinning Hall and left with loads of sweet memories and a promise to visit the school again.