The history of The Scindia School provides a fascinating insight into the changes happening in India from feudal times to the modern day. The Scindia School was founded as The Sardar School in 1897 by the visionary HH Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia I   .

The turn of the nineteenth century was a period of turmoil and disorientation, as the colonial system of education with English as the medium of instruction, was displacing the traditional pathshalas, madarsas and gurukuls . However, even then, the school captured the best of the learning of the new world and combined it with the finest of timeless India. In this respect, The Scindia School has been the torchbearer of modern education systems, combining it with a unique Indian ethos. It has been, in every way, always one step ahead of the times.

The School with its unique location, atop the historic Gwalior Fort, is a residential school with a difference. The ramparts of the Fort have witnessed history unfold : Tatya Tope’s troops battling the British, and the Rani of Jhansi breathing her last in her final assault. A casual glance out of a classroom window may well find eyes resting on an exquisite sixth century temple, adorned with bas-reliefs.

Amidst such surroundings, tranquil, yet with so much to tell, academics take on added dimensions. Here academic striving encompasses a life-long thirst for scholarship and curiosity. The Scindia School aims to instill a progressive mind-set and nurture leaders of tomorrow, who will succeed in any endeavour that they turn their hand to, anywhere in the world, and yet retain an unmistakable Indian ethos and Sanskar.

On behalf of The Scindia School, I welcome you all.

I am really honoured and feel very privileged to be part of this beautiful and rich legacy of 125 years at The Scindia School which captures the best of the learning of the new world and combines it with the best of timeless India. In this respect, it is the torchbearer of the modern education system, combining it with a unique Indian ethos.

As the world moves ahead in uncertain times with volatility as the new normal, we provide an engaging experience to every Scindian to metamorphose themselves into humble, articulate and responsible global citizens rooted firmly in the Indian ethos. This engenders a strong feeling in every Scindian, to embark upon a unique journey of self-exploration, which verily, is the hallmark of the empowering education imparted at the school. The school itself, housed in the safe, secure, and magnificent 6th Century Fort, stimulates the young minds with curiosity and imagination, as well as a unique sense of completeness, achieved through living with the natural vistas of sylvan charm offered by the rich flora and fauna of the Fort.

The true goal of education is to equip a student with the tools to connect ethics and ecology, to enable them to value the higher self of citizenship, by having a sustainable future, in an enriched human and natural environment. Education at the Fort ensures this natural connect of curriculum with our uniquely rich flora and fauna within the monuments of historical architectural brilliance.

In such a wonderful setting, which is invariably tranquil, but which has by all means so much to speak, academics takes on added dimensions. Therefore, the adaptability of the curriculum transacted by excellent mentors in academics, sports and adventure as well as the continuous impetus on engagement with the community, goes a long way in shaping the respectful community of learners. The qualified team of teachers, housemasters and coaches, who share their living and working space with the children, inculcates a bonding of trust and coexistence.

The spiritual waterhole of the school- the Astachal, with its statue of the ‘eternal pilgrim’ silhouetted against the sky during the sunset, provides an unparalleled, meditative and reflective experience that empowers each Scindian spiritually, and goes a long way in laying the foundation of a profound understanding of sensitivity and an all-pervasive calmness which over the years culminates into the distinct humility with which our boys grow into men of substance and calibre.

The opportunities offered by the school, provides nurturance for a well-groomed personality which is actively committed to Academics, Sports, Adventure, Arts as well as Service. The school is committed towards transforming, young impressionable minds into strong, confident, just and wise young men who shall be leading the world tomorrow. As the UNESCO Director General, Audrey Azoulay has rightly said, and I quote “Education is a public good, it is delicate; it is the best possible investment we can make”, the Scindian way of life certainly empowers, enriches and ensures a responsible and accountable citizen of the future world.

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