The history of The Scindia School provides a fascinating insight into the changes happening in India from feudal times to the modern day. The Scindia School was founded as The Sardar School in 1897 by the visionary HH Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia I   .

The turn of the nineteenth century was a period of turmoil and disorientation, as the colonial system of education with English as the medium of instruction, was displacing the traditional pathshalas, madarsas and gurukuls . However, even then, the school captured the best of the learning of the new world and combined it with the finest of timeless India. In this respect, The Scindia School has been the torchbearer of modern education systems, combining it with a unique Indian ethos. It has been, in every way, always one step ahead of the times.

The School with its unique location, atop the historic Gwalior Fort, is a residential school with a difference. The ramparts of the Fort have witnessed history unfold : Tatya Tope’s troops battling the British, and the Rani of Jhansi breathing her last in her final assault. A casual glance out of a classroom window may well find eyes resting on an exquisite sixth century temple, adorned with bas-reliefs.

Amidst such surroundings, tranquil, yet with so much to tell, academics take on added dimensions. Here academic striving encompasses a life-long thirst for scholarship and curiosity. The Scindia School aims to instill a progressive mind-set and nurture leaders of tomorrow, who will succeed in any endeavour that they turn their hand to, anywhere in the world, and yet retain an unmistakable Indian ethos and Sanskar.

On behalf of The Scindia School family, I welcome you.

It is an honour for me to be leading the school during a period of challenge, change and a lot of continuity.

A challenge because it will not be easy to fill the shoes of Dr MD Saraswat, who guided the school to newer heights, taking it to the very summit as being the #1 boys’ residential school in the country.

Change because life will not be the same in the post Covid world, and the school and all of us have to be able to think on our feet, always ensuring that the expectations of our students and their parents are not just met, but exceeded.

But what will continue is the way The Scindia School has been providing a transformative learning experience for every student.

In every sense, the school is a journey of self-discovery for a young boy as he grows to a young adult.

Yes, the school will equip him to excel in academics, and to be savvy in the use of technology.

But equally, knowledge has to become a liberating experience, as the boy will be encouraged to discover his interests, his talents and aptitudes, and learn to form his opinions and define his role in society.

This is achieved at the school in a nurturing environment, where the mentor and the mentee live a shared life, as if in a gurukul, yet adapted to this millennium.

An important aspect of this process is the school’s provision of rich choices, be they in academic areas; the range of societies offered; in artistic, creative and intellectual activities; in sports and adventure.

Engagements with ecology and heritage, as indeed engagements with the community, within the school, in rural areas, or through NGOs are now a part of the new normal, and it is through the pursuit of these activities that transformation happens.

For every Scindian, society should come before self, and that is how we would like our students to step forth into the world outside, as liberated true global citizens, rooted in an Indian ethos.

If leadership is the ability to take decisions and to find solutions for the larger good, a Scindian imbibes it on the sports field, through international interactions, and through positions of responsibility and leadership opportunities provided in school.

The School aims to nurture the student through his formative years, transforming him from a rough cut diamond into an individual who will shine in all that he aspires for.

I believe that we will be able to imbibe in the boy the values which would place him on a path of life-long learning, always with roots firmly entrenched in the soil.

A Scindian is a leader with understanding, intelligence, sensitivity and an inclusive attitude.

I am confident that with the support of my wonderful faculty, the guidance of our Board of Governors, and feedback from parents, we will keep the flag flying high and fulfil the motto of ‘sa vidya ya vimuktaye’!

– Smita Chaturvedi, Interim Principal.