Golden Jubilee Reunion 1969-70

26 January 2020

School reunion1969-70

As 25th January, 2020 marked the Golden Jubilee Reunion of the class of 1969-1970 in the Scindia School, many Old boys with their spouses and family walked the path from the school main gate to the academic block as the band echoed in joy, symbolising their homecoming. As everyone gathered in the Assembly Hall to carry on with the celebrations, the school music society welcomed everyone with a wonderful performance. Thereafter, Principal, Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat, addressed the gathering with pride. Dr. Saraswat reflected on the fact of how emotions take over at such times and that welcoming Old boys is never a formality as they are so much a part of the fabric of what the school is today. He mentioned that such a privilege comes with responsibility and that the changes that the Old boys might witness in their due course of visit to the alma mater are merely external. And that the internal fabric, fervour, and earthiness remain intact. Dr. Saraswat concluded by urging the Old boys to revive their memories and rejuvenate themselves while they enjoy their visit to school after 50 long years. Then followed a wonderful rendition of Hindustani music delivered by the Indian music society. After the wonderful performance, Mr. Sachin Deva presented on how severe the problem of environment has become. The presentation also included a module titled Cyclothon, a cycling expedition of a giant leap 28 states, of which the motto is "one mission green vision". Mr. Harish Gandhi representative of 69- 70, expressed immense joy to be a part of the occasion and confessed that the person that he is at the present is the contribution of his school education. Mr. Gandhi thanked Dr. Saraswat for this wonderful opportunity and his batchmates for making the golden jubilee reunion, successful. The Scindians also presented a beautiful rendition of the famous track, Hotel California and a rap thereafter, based on prevalent social issues. Mr. Atul Gupta was touched by the warmth and Mr. Vineet Bakshi, while addressing the gathering, said that the school gives each and every one the voice to be opinionated and makes us special. Justice Mishra, eminent Old boy, confessed to the gathering that the image of the School preceded them in every way possible and that helped them maintain their standards of academic and behavioural personality over time. The Senior School Prefect proposed the Vote of Thanks and thanked all the Old boys and other partakers for materialising the event.