MUSIC The Scindia School musical vocabulary is inclusive and includes Indian Classical, Western Classical, modern music, folk music, and many other genres. The students of the Music Society are offered a multitude of orchestral instruments to choose from as per their genre and style. Training is imparted in strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments. The music room is always reverberating with the strains of classical ragas, folk songs, or western numbers. The students also engage in creating their own music and providing background scores for the school theatrical performances.

The members of the Music Society frequently present soulful performances at Astachal. The school occasionally witnesses beautiful orchestra renditions by Music Society members in the morning assembly, or to greet and entertain visitors. The students take part in competitions and cultural meets at international levels.
Mr Raja Banerjee
Mr Raja Banerjee

On Founder’s Day almost a hundred students came together to present the grandest orchestral rendition of the year. The SMOAT resonates with the rhythmic beats of the tabla, melody of the violin, classical tunes of the harmonium, Xylophone, Jazz Drum, Congo, Bongo and Octapad. The vocalists add a special dimension to it.