Paper Mache

Paper Mache Converting waste to beauty, and recycling of material is a school priority. The process of making Papier Mache is deceptively simple, as in any art form, it requires an imaginative mind and creative hands. Wastepaper, cloth, or blades of grass are turned into pulp. The pulp is then smoothened in a machine to prepare paper. The paper then can be used to make artefacts, masks, folders, envelops and greeting cards.

The Scindia School being a pioneer in creating environmental awareness amongst its staff and students, enthusiastically imparts the art of recycling paper to the members of the Papier Mache society. The students are a fountain of ideas adding variety to their work. They have made vases, clocks, masks, decorative pots, photo frames, and magazine and book holders. Techniques like gesso work and quilling are also taught.
Mr V S Nagvanshi
Mr V S Nagvanshi
Sarthak Gupta
Akhil Sharma

Used paper is recycled and crafted into beautiful items.

The children have been lending an aesthetic touch to most school events through helping in stage décor etc.

Students display their work on Founder’s Day and have won many awards.

The 2012 Founder’s Day saw a different Paper Mache Exhibition. Items exhibited were pots, bamboo vases, wall clocks, bamboo pen stands and decorative wheels. There were new additions like paper photo frames with quilling work, bags and folders made from handmade paper, to envelopes made from waste.