Pottery & Clay Modelling

Pottery & Clay Modelling Pottery, Clay Modelling and Tie & Dye hobby is another creative outlet for the talented boys. Pottery and Clay Modelling connect the students with one of the earliest forms of art. The students in the society, are taught to make beautiful three-dimensional figures, toys and terracotta tiles using clay. They are trained in the entire process from preparing the clay to getting the desired result, with or without using the potter's wheel. A deep knowledge of human and animal anatomy and balance in composition forms an important part of the training. The best raw materials and equipment are provided to the boys to ensure quality output.

The students also learn the basics of Batik and Tie & Dye styles. They have designed beautiful kerchiefs, wall pieces, t-shirts and cushion cover.
Ms Kirti Ghosh
Ms Kirti Ghosh