Public Speaking

Co curricular activities "Public speaking" as a hobby at the Scindia School is the journey from sweaty palms and cracking voices, to poise, confidence and correct pauses. It is conducted for Junior Group (VI, VII, VIII) and Senior Group (IX, X) at two separate venues and days.

The aim is to make the members of the hobby confident and articulate speakers. Stress is laid on the development of communication skills, effective planning and organization of thoughts followed by sound delivery. This is encouraged through activities like free talk, JAM, grammar downloads/corrections by the peers and teacher after the activity, etc. Personalized feedback and tips for improvisation help students work on their weak areas.

A fair bit of time is spent working through the unique traits of oral versus written communication in order to help students prepare speeches that are easier to deliver and understand. There is adequate focus on understanding the key parts of an argument and topic. The importance of sound content for an effective speech is also stressed and the boys are encouraged to diversify their range of reading so as to expand the knowledge pool. To overcome all possible impediments in the way of public speaking the members critically examine their own and others’ speeches through interactive practice.

The students also listen to and read the famous speeches given by most eminent orators. This helps them identify the winning strategies employed by some of the most successful orators. The practice sessions help the boys gain confidence and they showcase their skill anchoring school programmes and by making a mark in elocution, debates and declamation competitions both at Intra-school and Inter-school level.
Dr Smita Trivedi
Ms Smita Trivedi
Prataksh Sharma
Lakshya Arora

Participation to let flow free and conducive expressions and even the slightest possible improvement or a positive change is considered as an achievement for the students in Public speaking and Elocution. Considering the above parameters, the students of Public speaking and Elocution hobby were delighted to see their personalities changing and developing gradually with the events and activities they participated and performed in.

Altogether, the above mentioned were the platforms providing the students to practice a skill learnt , to be able to hone the skills to the best possible or to one’s ability and capability. These exposures keep the urge alive to hone presentation skills and be a confident and effective orator.