The Scindia School provides multiple literary outlets to the students by bringing out a large number of publications. As the appeal of a publication lies in the quality of writing, illustrations, photographs and layout, the Review and Publications Hobby aims to hone these skills in its members. The Hobby is conducted at two levels- one for Classes VIII, IX and X and the other for Classes XI and XII. Each group works for two periods in a week understanding the nuances of the journalistic process.

Members who are gifted writers, artists, photographers ,or with graphic design skills, work together in the Publications room discussing ideas for articles, illustrations and layout. Good ideas are incorporated in school publications. The importance of good language, catchy headlines, infographics, photographs, and adherence to deadlines in the overall quality of a magazine is taught, by exposing the children to the best magazines and periodicals from around the world. The teachers also involve the boys in the writing and designing process with valuable inputs for constant improvement. This helps the members to hone their skills many of whom are highly sought after for all major school publications, and in work for the website. The members of the Hobby along with the members of the Review Editorial Board help in the organisation of the Editors’ Conference.
Anita Pandey
Sanskar Singhal
Darshan Nimgthoujam
Harsimar Singh

The members of the Hobby have been at the forefront of all school publications. Those with promise got an opportunity to interview visiting dignitaries, attend the Editors’ Conference hosted by the School, and attend events like the Jaipur Literary Fest.

A number of writers, artists and graphic designers groomed here have shown their flair after passing out. A former art editor Jivitesh also did the illustrations for an animation film which was nominated for Cannes.