Textile Design

Co curricular activities Textile design is essentially the process of creating designs for woven, knitted or printed fabrics. The process of learning textile design begins with understanding the creation of textiles and how to solve designing problems right from the initial stage of using the raw materials to the finished products. The students learn to make the designs according to the purpose.

The students of Textile Design Hobby make use of equipment like tracing table, print table, dye colors, wooden frames, paints, medium of fixer, papers, tracing-papers, fabrics, etc. They learn T-shirt printing, motif development, repetition of motifs, measurement of block, handprint & hand paint over fabrics, tapestry weaving, paper design lay-out and color-dye, to name a few.

The boys have made tastefully designed trays, coasters, lamp shades, utility-boxes, etc. The textile industry – while being a creative art form, is a very business savvy industry & so, textile designing is now one of the most promising and glamorous professions all over the world.

Mr Dharmendra Singh Morya
Mr Dharmendra Singh Morya