The aim of the Department of Commerce is not only to satisfy the vocational needs of the students but also to provide a basic understanding of the various principles, procedures and practices related to business. Our students are equipped with the entrepreneurial outlook and attitude so that they are motivated to take initiatives with calculated risks. Emphasis is put on imbibing practical skills such as presentation, communication, analytical skills and problem solving.

Project work, organisation of seminars and workshops and taking up field work gives our students an opportunity to learn by doing. Interaction with the industry is established through lectures given by eminent professionals and internships with the help of alumni. Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies in particular have produced stellar results in the Board Examination. Constant efforts are made to create awareness about global and national financial issues in the entire school fraternity through morning assemblies taken up by the Department.

The learning of Commerce is assessed both as a knowledge subject and as a skill subject. Apart from testing the learning outcomes through formal and informal ways we assess the skills of the students by exposing them to frequent brainstorming sessions on important issues and concepts.


Commerce is taught through the use of apt teaching methods so as to impart the experience of the business world in all its manifestations, anchored around academics. It equips students with a number of specialized skills that prepares them to not only perform brilliantly in national level examinations but also excel in different functional areas of trade, industry and commerce in later years. The Department runs the Business Bee Club where students and teachers together explore different aspects of Business. Every year, the Club puts up an exhibition during the Founder’s Day and organizes exciting business quizzes for the students.