Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

French and German are taught under the aegis of The Department of Foreign languages. Through academic and cultural experiences students are made proficient in the languages they opt for. The subject is open for students from Classes VI-XII.

We have a very active German language society ‘Schiller Gesellschaft’ which offers the students a platform for expressing their language skill. The students take out a very rich Bi-annual Magazine 'Zeitgeist' and present musical evenings and plays in German.

The French Society called “La Société Francophone” comprises more than 130 students From Class VI to XII. The Francophones come out with their Annual Publication in the Form of the French Magazine called ‘L’Aube’. It is entirely the creation of the French Department students and the staff. Various competitions in the form of spell Bee, Poster making, French Conjugation competition keep taking place to keep children engrossed and motivated in the language. “ Vive l’esprit d’apprendre le français”!!!

The Department conducts German and French assemblies in the Junior and Senior School. During Freshers' Evening, Junior School Evening, Founder’s day and various such events, the annual projects, charts and works made by the students year-round get displayed and are appreciated.