The Scindia School, Gwalior has been voted India's #1 boys boarding school in EWISR 2020-21, the world's largest and detailed schools ranking initiative. Admissions Open for the Academic Year 2022-2023


The Mathematics Department of the Scindia School is a family of 6 dedicated teachers who help the students develop computational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. In the course of their learning students obtain the ability to critically assess numerical and graphical information; learn to formulate strategies for solving problems; and acknowledge the importance of being intellectually curious. Since learning Mathematics is a process that requires active involvement so the teachers constantly provide opportunities to enable the students to become engaged in the learning process. Activity based learning that allows students to explore and understand the difficult concepts on their own is keenly promoted. We understand that each student approaches problems differently hence collaborative learning and peer tutoring is used as an effective teaching strategy. This gives the young learners a chance to compare and contrast methods and find what suits them best. The teachers endeavour to provide personalised attention to each student. They use observations, class work, projects and assessment to gauge the level of the students and the necessary enrichment or remedial schedule is worked out. Technology is used extensively for differentiated learners, for simplification of complex concepts and also for evaluation purposes. The Math lab provides additional scope to students to learn and explore mathematical facts and theorems using technological tools. To add fun to learning and also to enhance students’ interest in the subject the Department conducts various mathematical competitions, quizzes, digital story writing, mental ability/reasoning etc. Math workshops have been conducted in the past for the Junior classes by resource persons from ‘Dinasim’. These enabled the children to develop Math concepts using fun activities. Our boys have learnt fractions, integers, area, volume etc while playing basketball, catching practice with rubber balls, going outdoors, measuring various shapes and many more. A workshop on Vedic Mathematics was conducted by Brainobics Education. Through this students were taught various techniques of addition, multiplication, decimal system, division, squares, square roots, cubes etc. The Department in collaboration with ‘Educational Initiatives’ conducts Asset and Detailed Assessment tests to review the performance of the students and find their areas of strength and weakness. The Mindspark assessments for classes VI and VII are a great success as they are fashioned as per the learning pace of each child. Instant feedback and remediation is the most useful feature of these assessments. Math Olympiads are also conducted to test and enhance the skills of the students. The teachers regularly participate in various mathematical workshops for self-enrichment. The workshop by Mr GS Bhalla on the History of Mathematics and making Math fun was particularly educative. Interdisciplinary and experiential learning is encouraged through Creya classes. The RB Pawar Medal is awarded on Founder’s Day to the student scoring the highest marks in Math in the Board examination. The award has been instituted in memory of former Maths Teacher Mr RB Pawar by his daughters.


The Pi Club puts up an exhibition on Founder’s Day each year. This year the theme was Origami. The members made 3D models and figures based on Sacred Geometry of ancient times, Mathematical puzzles and games etc.
Through various activities the Department has been able to make the students develop an appetite for the subject and understand its relevance in daily life.