Practical Session

Albert Einstein had famously said, “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” This is exactly what directs the endeavours of the Department of Science as the dedicated team of eleven teachers work to make the subject intelligible and interesting for the students. Since much of Science involves investigating 'why': therefore, students are encouraged to pose and pursue questions. Their natural curiosity is appreciated, and the teachers act as true facilitators teaching them how to find answers for themselves.

Our students also get an ample opportunity to explore the Science that surrounds them at all times. This is done through practicals, experimentation, nature walks and field trips. The Department also supports Interdisciplinary and experiential learning to instill in all the students a life-long enthusiasm for the process of scientific discovery and a commitment to the responsible application of science.

The five E’s (engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate) are followed for an enhanced learning outcome. The students are assessed through formal and informal ways i.e. traditional tests along with lab reports, presentations, or discussions where the teacher gauges the students' ability to apply new concepts and skills. Extensive use of technology is made in classes for research purpose as well as for refining and deepening their understanding of the concepts.

The Department also takes out a publication: The annual magazine ‘Nucleus’. It keeps the school community abreast with the latest in the field of Science and Technology. Apart from the regular assessment cycles of school the students’ interest and proficiency in the subject is tested through certain other tests also. The Australian Chemistry Quiz, Green Olympiad and National Olympiads are ways to motivate children to compete on a National level. The Eco Club plays a very important role in creating environmental awareness and its members have been at the forefront of all green initiatives of the school.

Workshops are organised on a regular basis to give students training of robotics. To whet the interest of students in Science, The Sam Pitroda Award is conferred each year on Founder’s Day, for an Innovative Science project and the PM Khar Prize is given to encourage serious pursuit of Science.

All these efforts have ensured that Science at The Scindia School is a way of thinking and not just a body of knowledge.