The Scindia School, Gwalior has been voted India's #1 boys boarding school in EWISR 2020-21, the world's largest and detailed schools ranking initiative. Admissions Open for the Academic Year 2021-22

Who was Jayaji ?
After a long period of turmoil His Highness Maharaja Jayajirao Scindia provided stability to the State of Gwalior. Jayajirao Scindia was born to Bhagirath Shinde, son of Hanumantrao Shinde on 19 January 1835. After the death of His Highness Jankojirao Scindia II, in 1843, his widow Tara Bai adopted Bhagirath Rao, who be-came the ruler of Gwalior under the name of His Highness Maharaja Jayajirao Scindia on 22 February 1843. Mama Sahib, the maternal uncle of Jankojirao II, was chosen as the regent since Jayaji was then only eight years old. The Council man-aged the affairs till 1854 when 19 year old Jayajirao took full charge. Jayajirao Scin-dia started modernizing the State of Gwalior. He established a new revenue collec-tion system, and set up a judicial system with courts and judges. In 1872, Jayajirao Scindia loaned Rs 75 lakhs for the construction of the Agra-Gwalior portion of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway, and constructed many new buildings, recon-structed the Koteshwar Mandir, and donated Rs15 lakhs for the reconstruction of Gwalior Fort’s boundary wall and the broken parts of Man Mandir, Gujri Mahal and Johar Kund. He had four sons but only one survived. His fourth son named Madho Rao (b.1876) succeeded him as the ruler of Gwalior.

The Motto of the House is "Sampadam Daivim Abhijato Asi", which means we all are born with divine wealth.

About the Housemaster
Mr Ashish Arora joined the school on June 08, 2017 as a teacher of Business Stud-ies. Mr Arora possesses an impeccable experience of nine years as a Housemaster and the Head of Department of Commerce, owing to his tenure in his previous insti-tution. A detailed industrial experience of 4 years in voice & accent training adds to his headship in the sector of pastoral care. Having dabbled in various areas in his previous assignments, he is deeply entrenched in the culture and ethos of the Boarding School system and is well conversant with the dynamics of education. An avid reader of texts across genres, Mr Arora's grooming enables the young Scindi-ans to realize their individual purposes vis-à-vis ambitions, both of academic nature and otherwise.
Mr Ashish Arora
House Master, JAYAJI HOUSE
Mr Dhiraj Malik
Resident Tutor, JAYAJI HOUSE
Mr. Sumit Chakrabarty
Attached Tutor, JAYAJI HOUSE
Aditya Parashar
School Captain, JAYAJI HOUSE
Rohan Khanna
School Prefect, JAYAJI HOUSE

• In Grade XII, the House average rose to 85.8%.
• Shubham Agarwal and Mani Maloo received 100% and 60% scholarships in England.
• In class X, Aditi Joshi topped the batch with an aggregate of 98.2%.
• Aditya Parashar, the recipient of the Umang Mathur Memorial Trophy, Scholar’s Blazer and the Scholar’s Tie and the coveted Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia II Medal, topped Class XI with 93.4 %.
• Jayant Gupta topped the batch with an aggregate of 98.3 %.
• 16 students altogether attended the Scholars’ Banquet, VP’s Breakfast and signed the prestigious Honours’ Book.
• Under the captaincy of Abhyuday Chauhan, the House A Group Cricket team stood 1st.
• Under the captaincy of Agastya Bubber, the House A Group Chess team stood 1st.
• Rakshit Malhotra was the captain of the House A Group Swimming team that secured the 2nd position, whereas the B Group Swimming team stood 2nd with Ritansh Varsh-ney as the captain.
• Under the captaincy of Rohit Gound, the House B group Athletics team as well as the B Group Table Tennis team secured the 1st position.
• Under the captaincy of Anubhav Sachan, the House secured the 1st position in the B Group Cross Country.
• The House B Group Basketball team stood 1st with Jayesh Nitharwal as the captain. Abhyuday Chauhan, Agrim Kapoor, Aryan Raghuvanshi and Abhey Khanna went to Haridwar for a Cricket Tour and won the series of matches.
• Sundaram Malik and Rohit Gound played SGFI nationals in Tennis and Athletics re-spectively.
• Under the captaincy of Vrushank Malhotra, The Scindia School team lifted the win-ner’s trophy in the Sahodaya Cricket Tournament.
• For excellence in sports seven students were awarded with colours while six received half-colours and one received the full-colour.

• Jayaji stood 1st in the Inter-House Hindi Skit and 2nd in the Inter-House English Skit Competition.
• The House won the Ramanujan Inter-House Maths Quiz and was the Runners up in the following – IT Week, Inter-House General Quiz, A Group English Debate and A Group Hindi Debate.
• Aditya Parashar was adjudged as the Best Speaker and the second Best Speaker in the Pinegrove Bilingual Debate and His Highness Madhav Rao Scindia Hindi De-bates, respectively.
• Aaryan Nagpal was adjudged as the Best Speaker in the English debates organised by RIMC, Dehradun and the AMI Shishu Mandir, Gwalior.
• Aditi Joshi and Suyash Bansal were a part of the team that lifted the overall trophy in the English Debate and Business Quiz organised by Vivek High School, Chandigarh.
• In the Swimming District Championship Rakshit Malhotra and Vishnudeep Tyagi won 3 gold medals each and Aaryan Nagpal secured a silver medal.
• In the State Shooting Championship, Angad Sahni bagged a bronze medal. In the Sa-hodaya Inter School Swimming Competition – Anmol Mohanka, Vishnudeep Tyagi, and Rakshit Malhotra bagged 6 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.
• Aaryan Nagpal and Chaitanya Mishra were a part of the team that went to Bhutan for a cycling expedition, while Rakshit Malhotra and Shikhar Agarwal successfully com-pleted the Annapurna Circuit Trek.
• Jayant Gupta and Samriddh Agarwal attended a 14-days’ Adventure Course at AB-VIMAS, Manali.
• Rohan Khanna attended the Young Leaders’ Conclave held at Modern School, Vasant Vihar.
• Agrim Kapoor and Abhyuday Chauhan went for a cultural exchange programme to Ellesmere College, London.
• Angad Sahni was a part of an exchange programme to Briklehof School, Germany.
• Yashovardhan Dikshit went for a student exchange programme to International Community School, Ghana.
• Ayush Goyal went to Germany for an exchange programme.
• Yashovardhan Dikshit and Angad Sahni were a part of the RSIS Project in Ladakh.
• Vishnudeep Tyagi attended the RSIC 2019 held at the Emerald Heights International School, Indore.
• Rakshit Malhotra and Shikhar Agrawal were a part of the RSIS project at Borneo, Malaysia.