Who was Jayaji ?
After a long period of turmoil His Highness Maharaja Jayajirao Scindia provided stability to the State of Gwalior. Jayajirao Scindia was born Bhagirath Shinde, son of Hanumantrao Shinde on 19 January 1835. After the death of His Highness Jankojirao Scindia II, in 1843, his widow Tara Bai adopted Bhagirath Rao, who became the ruler of Gwalior under the name of His Highness Maharaja Jayajirao Scindia on 22 February 1843. Mama Sahib, the maternal uncle of Jankojirao II, was chosen as the regent since Jayaji was then only eight years old. The Council managed the affairs till 1854 when 19 year old Jayajirao took full charge. Jayajirao Scindia started modernizing the State of Gwalior. He established a new revenue collection system, and set up a judicial system with courts and judges. In 1872, Jayajirao Scindia loaned Rs. 75 lakhs for the construction of the Agra-Gwalior portion of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway, and constructed many new buildings, reconstructed the Koteshwar Mandir, and donated Rs. 15 lakhs for the reconstruction of Gwalior fort’s boundary wall and the broken parts of Man Mandir, Gujri Mahal and Johar Kund. He had four sons but only one survived. His fourth son named Madho Rao (b. 1876) succeeded him as the ruler of Gwalior.

The Motto of the House is “'Sampadam Daivim Abhijato Asi”

About the Housemistress
Mrs. Supreet Bakshi is the first lady Housemistress for any senior boys’ House Under her leadership, the House carries forward the best values and traditions of The Scindia School. Mrs. Bakshi represents the school in Round Square and has been appointed as the Regional (South Asia and Gulf) Coordinator for Service Projects in Round Square International. She is also on the Managing Committee of Daly College, Indore.
Mrs. Supreet Bakshi
House Master, JAYAJI HOUSE
Mr Piyush Vaisnav
Resident Tutor, JAYAJI HOUSE
Kabir Saund
Deputy School Prefect, JAYAJI HOUSE
Pawan Jaini
School Prefect, JAYAJI HOUSE
School Prefect, JAYAJI HOUSE
Keshav Sarawgi
School Prefect, JAYAJI HOUSE