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Who was Dattaji ?
Dattaji Shinde was Ranoji’s third son and Jankoji’s uncle. He acted as a regent when Jankoji was very young. Dattaji was killed in a battle with Najib Khan at Buradi Ghat in 1760. When he was lying wounded at the battle field Najib Khan approached him and asked, “Kyun Patil aur bhi laroge?” He said, “ Bachenge to aur bhi larenge” – this was a great inspiration for the Maratha soldiers, though Dattaji was slain.

The Motto of the “Suyastha Aatma Jagatsathu“

About the House Master
Boarding houses are the pulse of a boarding school. A child can study in a boarding school only if he is comfortable, well-settled and happy in his House. As a Housemaster, Mr Anil Pathania, endeavours to make every child feel happy, peaceful and at home in the House. He believes in moulding individuals, who are strong, self-dependent and confident enough to take on any challenge that life throws at them with dignity and grace. He is a sportsperson at heart, which helps him inspire the boys and ensure that they are deeply involved in games and a plethora of other activities on the field. Discipline and teamwork are two pillars which make an individual great, and there is no better place to learn these qualities than on the sports field. Mr Anil Pathania has been teaching Math for over 19 years and has been associated with a boarding school for nearly 18 years. His philosophy of life is based upon three ‘Ds’ which are ‘Dedication, Devotion and Discipline.’ His undying love for the mountains has inspired him to go on various expeditions as well.

Mr. Anil Pathania
Ms Seema Amit Asani
Ms. Kirti Srivastav
Resident Tutor, DATTAJI HOUSE
Mr. Kamlesh Singh
Attached Tutor, DATTAJI HOUSE

• Guransh Johar and Rishith Mehrotra were the house prefects for the year 2019-2020
• Arnav Joshi was the batch topper with an aggregate 97% (2019-2020)
• Keshav Jhunjhunwala was the batch topper with an aggregate 97% and Uday Ahuja second batch topper with an aggregate 96% in class VII (2019-2020)
• Archit Baranwal was the second batch topper with an aggregate 94% in class VIII (2019-2020)
• Dattaji House bagged First position in Inter House Hockey competition. Guransh Johar was adjudged the most promising player and Rishabh Singh was declared the best goalkeeper for the tournament.
• Dattaji House bagged first position in Inter House Cricket Competition. Guransh Johar was declared the player of the tournament.
• The house bagged second position in Inter House Cross Country Competition. Karma C Bhutia and Guransh Johar came in the 2nd block.
• In Inter House Swimming Competition Dattaji House bagged 2nd position.
• In Inter House Chess competition Dattaji House bagged the 3rd position. Shaurya Chhabra was awarded the best player of the tournament.
• Dattaji House bagged the first position in Inter House Hindi Elocution. Yashwardhan Singh Khattri stood first in poetry section and Arnav Joshi stood first in prose section.
• The house stood first in the in Inter House Inquizitive Quiz Competition, Inter House English Quiz competition and in Inter House Hindi Quiz Competition.
• Dattaji House stood second in the in the Inter House English Debate Competition.
• The house stood third in the in Inter House Hindi Debate and in the English Elocution Competition.