Who was Daulat ?
His Highness Maharaja Daulatrao Scindia, the son of Anandrao, a cousin of Mahadji Shinde, was adopted by the latter as his heir. Daulatrao Scindia shifted the capital from Ujjain to Gwalior. He signed the Treaty of Subsidiary Alliance with Lord Wellesley. After the defeat of the allied Maratha states by the British in the Third Anglo Maratha war of 1818, most of the former Maratha Empire was absorbed by British India. Daulatrao Scindia was forced to accept local autonomy as a princely state within British India and to give up Ajmer to the British in exchange for Shivpuri, Narwar and some parts of Malwa. After the death of Daulatrao,, Maharani Baiza Bai ruled the empire, and protected it from the British power, until the adopted child Jankojirao took charge. Daulatrao Scindia built the Gorkhy Palace and the Temple in Maharaj Bara.

The motto of the House is ““Aaroh Tamso Jyoti”

About the Housemaster
Mr. Nintin Chand ; the housemaster believes that an individual should be dynamic , reasonable and responsible in his approach towards life and tends to conduct 'Daulatians' the same way. He is a keen performer and deems to work hard in silence until the task is accomplished. He is a nature lover and a sports enthusiast. He also has got inclination towards adventure sports such as trekking. He has instilled the roots of ‘Sanskaar’ in every Daulatian which again goes hand in hand with the school’s legacy of keeping alive the Indian traditions in every Scindian.

Mr Nitin Chand
House Master, DAULAT HOUSE
School Prefect, DAULAT HOUSE
School Prefect, DAULAT HOUSE
Mr. Suyog Upadhye
Resident Tutor, DAULAT HOUSE
Mrs Archana Shivraman

• Suryansh Goyal of Class 12th got Scholar’s Blazer. It is worth noting that this academic recognition has been awarded to only two students in the school’s record and both of them are from Daulat house.
• Suryansh Goyal also received the Umang Mathur Memorial Trophy for his excellence in academics & Maharaja Madhavrao II Medal for all round proficiency in Class 11 respectively.
• Suryansh Goyal was also the recipient of Scholar’s Tie.
• Safal Rai and Suryansh Goyal were awarded the Class Topper’s Certificate and the Subject Topper’s certificate respectively.
• The house bagged first position in the Inter House Ramanujan Maths Olympiad for the 2nd consecutive year.
• Pranav Wadhwa of Class 11th won the prestigious Sam Pitroda Award for the most innovative science project, which talked about Automatic Barrier System for Gwalior Fort.
• Pranav Wadhwa cleared the final round of the Asset Dynamic Talent Search and ended up in top 28% amongst the nation. He stood 6th all over India in the Kidovator’s challenge and the school was adjudged as the ‘best school’ and he was rewarded a cash prize of Rs. 5000 for the same.
• Under the utter leadership of Sukhyog of Class 9, the house stood first in the Annual Labour Camps held at Bhind.
• The house stood second in English Elocution ‘A’ Group, where Saksham Bansal stood 1st in the Prose Section.
• The house stood 2nd in Inter House A group English Debate.
• The house stood first in the Hindi Elocution ‘A’ Group. Yogesh Agarwal and Suryansh Goyal stood 1st in the Poetry and Prose Section respectively.
• Jai Chahar was adjudged as the second best speaker in inter house Hindi debate and the house stood 2nd overall.
• The house came second in the Hindi Elocution ‘B’ Group where Aryan Samil and Memoy Mishra stood 1st and 2nd in prose and poetry respectively.
• The house stood 1st in Inter House ‘B’ Group English Elocution, where Pranav Wadhwa was adjudged as the best speaker in poetry section.
• The house was ranked 1st in the Inter House ‘B’ Group Hindi Debate where Atharva Karwa was awarded the best speaker.
• The house bagged the Rajkumari Memorial trophy for being the best house in debates and elocutions.
• Pranav Wadhwa and Sameer Manger represented the school at MGD IT Fest and grabbed 2ndposition in Multimedia Presentation and 1st in audio editing respectively.
• Jai Chahar, Nikhil Kumar represented the school at an Inter school Business fest held at Wynberg Allen School, Mussorie and secured 2nd position in the product-advertising event. Jai Chahar was adjudged as the outstanding performer.
• Vishvjeet Singh represented the school at the Assam Valley Film Festival, where the school stood third and Vishvjeet was recognised as the ‘Best Actor’.
• Reekela Bhutia of Class XII receieved Sports Blazer for the year 2017-18. He also got Mahendra Mishra trophy for being the best sportsman in Class XI.
• The House stood second in the inter house A group Athletics under the captaincy of Nikhil Kumar.
• Gaurang Mahendru was awarded gold medals in the Gwalior Rankings Table Tennis Tournament 1 & 2 held in the year 2017-18 respectively. He also represented the school in IPSC Table Tennis Championship and secured a bronze medal in U-19 individual category. Gaurang was also selected for SGFI Table Tennis Tournament held at Baroda, where he captained the IPSC team and led his team to the top 8. Gaurang Mahendru is ranked in top 16th at the state level and 1st in Gwalior. He was also selected for the SGFI Nationals in Table Tennis.
• Jai Chahar also stood 3rd in the open A Group Squash Tournament.
• Irish Rohra won a bronze medal in the U-17 category at a District-Level Tennis tournament in Gwalior. He also won the Tej Group of Industries Tennis Tournament.