Who was Daulat ?
His Highness Maharaja Daulatrao Scindia, the son of Anandrao, a cousin of Mahadji Shinde, was adopted by the latter as his heir. Daulatrao Scindia shifted the capital from Ujjain to Gwalior. He signed the Treaty of Subsidiary Alliance with Lord Wellesley. After the defeat of the allied Maratha states by the British in the Third Anglo Maratha war of 1818, most of the former Maratha Empire was absorbed by British India. Daulatrao Scindia was forced to accept local autonomy as a princely state within British India and to give up Ajmer to the British in exchange for Shivpuri, Narwar and some parts of Malwa. After the death of Daulatrao,, Maharani Baiza Bai ruled the empire, and protected it from the British power, until the adopted child Jankojirao took charge. Daulatrao Scindia built the Gorkhy Palace and the Temple in Maharaj Bara.

The motto of the House is ““Aaroh Tamso Jyoti”

About the Housemaster
The Housemaster, Mr. Ramesh Sharma brought about noticeable all round changes since he took over. A natural motivator, Mr. Sharma is responsible for the school reaching the highest standards in Brass Band. He is passionate about Volley Ball and Basketball. He engages the students in Community Services all around the Fort. He has instilled the roots of ‘Sanskaar’ in every Daulatian which again goes hand in hand with the school’s legacy of keeping alive the Indian traditions in every Scindian.

Mr Ramesh Sharma
House Master, DAULAT HOUSE
Harshit Bhargava
School Prefect, DAULAT HOUSE
Suryansh Goyal
School Prefect, DAULAT HOUSE
Mrs Archana Shivraman
Mr. Jagdish Joshi
Resident Tutor, DAULAT HOUSE