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Who was Jankoji ? Jankoji Shinde I, the son of Jayappa Shinde, was a valiant fighter. In the third battle of Panipat, the Marathas under Jankoji Shinde attacked Najib Khan, the Rohilla ally of Ahmad Shah Abdali, forcing him to fight a defensive battle. But the battle took a turn and though it seemed that the Marathas would be victorious over the Afghans, the Maratha army was eventually defeated. Jankoji Shinde was taken prisoner and executed at the instance of Najib Khan.

The Motto of the House is “Aano Bhaah Kritva”
About the Housemaster Ms Shikha Chaturvedi is a topper in B.Ed. from Jammu University and has done Masters in History. She has an experience of 12 years in teaching. Married to a Defence personnel, she has been actively involved in welfare activities for the last 14 years. She has had the rare opportunity to experience the life pattern which is followed in remote borders of the country. Having experienced the nature of tradition, and culture of various parts of the country, she has become adept at nurturing young minds.

Ms. Shikha Chaturvedi
Ms Sneha Bhagat
Resident Tutor, JANKOJI HOUSE

• The House Prefects, and Sports Prefect for 2019-2020 are Akshay Suman and Kushagra Jaiswal, respectively.
• The House Cup was lifted by Akshay Suman
• The Best Sportspersons in the House are Krrish Lokwani and Kushagra Jaiswal
• Student Best in Discipline is Vivek Singh
• Vidhan Khandelwal and Hiyaa Chaturvedi stood 2nd and 3rd in the Inter -House Hindi Elocution in the prose section and Akshay Suman secured 3rd position in the poetry section.
• The House was adjudged 2nd in Inter-House Hindi Elocution.
• Hiyaa Chaturvedi came 1st in the Inter-House English Elocution in the prose section and Vidhan Khandelwal was adjudged as the Most Promising Speaker.
• Arsh Agarwal stood 2nd in PPT making and Rudraksha Tapadiya stood 3rd in poster making in the IT Week.
• Krrish Lokwani – Half colour in Sports, was awarded as the Best Player of the tournament in the Inter House Football Matches.
• The House scored Second position in the Interhouse Chess tournament and secured a third position in the Inter House Cricket Tournament.
• Krrish Lokwani won the Individual Trophy in Inter House Athletics. He also won a gold medal in high jump and broke the record of previous 10 years. Krrish won three silver medals in three different categories in athletics and received two bronze medals in relay. Krrish Lokwani came in the 2nd block in Cross Country.
• Kushagra Jaiswal was declared the ‘Best Runner’ in B Group in Athletics. He won a gold medal in hurdles, silver medal in 200m and long jump. Kushagra secured a gold medal in Inter House Cross Country. He was the best player of the tournament in the Inter-House Hockey matches. He also participated in the Hockey Tournament (Under 15) held at LKS Gotan.
• Rohan Arora bagged two Bronze medals in Athletics.
• Amogh Bhargava won a bronze medal in Inter House Relay. Amogh participated in the IPSC. He represented the school in swimming at District level. He received a silver medal in the breaststroke category during the Inter-House.
• Neev Agarwal went for shooting at State level. He went in IPSC for Shooting.
• Krrish Lokwani and Kushagra Jaiswal both attended the Sports Banquet.
• Kushagra Jaiswal went for Adventure Camp held at Daly College, Indore
• Krrish Lokwani got selected for IPSC Music and represented his school at Mayo College, Ajmer. Krrish got selected for Under -14 Football Invitational and went to Doon School.
• Krrish Lokwani,Akshay Suman,Anav Goel from Class Vlll and Neev Agarwal, Ekagra, Aarav Dewan, Paarth Sundrani participated in the exam of Trinity College of London and cleared it. Krrish became the highest scorer in the exam.
• Ekagra came 1st in German Wortbilder whereas Hiyaa Chaturvedi and Arsh Agrawal both came second in the same competition.
• Ekagra went to RS for Innoventures in Pune.
• Ekagra and Rohan Arora both participated in ASSET in which Ekagra received certificate for Creditable Performance.
• Neev Agarwal and Ekagra received Certificate of Distinction in Asian National Chemistry Quiz. Rohan Arora received Certificate for Creditable Performance for the same.
• Ekagra participated in the Green Olympiad.
• Neev Agarwal represented his school at Daly college during Round Square and also participated in AIMO (Asia International Mathematical Olympiad) and received the Bronze Honour.