Who was Jankoji ? Jankoji Shinde I, the son of Jayappa Shinde, was a valiant fighter. In the third battle of Panipat, the Marathas under Jankoji Shinde attacked Najib Khan, the Rohilla ally of Ahmad Shah Abdali, forcing him to fight a defensive battle. But the battle took a turn and though it seemed that the Marathas would be victorious over the Afghans, the Maratha army was eventually defeated. Jankoji Shinde was taken prisoner and executed at the instance of Najib Khan.

The Motto of the House is “Aano Bhaah Kritva”
About the Housemaster Ms Niharika Kulshresth has 25 years of experience of teaching Physics. She has a Master's degree in Physics from Delhi University and in Education but her biggest and a ‘dream come true achievement’ was securing the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship (2011-12). This offered her the chance to teach in an American school for a period of five months. In 2012 she participated in NWUPT at IIT, Kanpur. She was awarded scholarship by CERN for the three weeks’ High School Teacher programme with CERN, Geneva in 2017. She is also a certified Career Coach.
As a teacher her greatest motivation is the respect and love she gets from the students and parents and the belief that every child has something special that can be built upon with positive reinforcements. Her other interests and areas of engagement are exploring novel ways of teaching Physics, conducting quiz and organizing workshops for teachers and students.

Ms. Shikha Chaturvedi
Ms. Kirti Srivastav
Resident Tutor, JANKOJI HOUSE
Mrs. Monica Nagi
Avishkar Chhetri

• House came first in Inter house Football, Cricket , Hockey, athletics, table tennis , Crross country and second in basketball.
• Lalit kumar was declared the best player in Inter house Hockey and was captain of the team.
• Rohit Gound won a gold medal in campus run and was adjudged the best athlete in the inter house atheletics competition.
• Aryan Agarwal secured 2 position in Hindi elocution in the prose category.
• Govind mittal secured 1st position and Nimit jain secured second position in German wortbuilder competition. The house came second in English debate and Hindi elocution.
• Lalit kumar came first in web designing competition in inter house IT competition.
• Aditya kumar attended the scholars banquet, Vps breakfast and Signed the honours book for his superlative performance in academics.
• Aryan Agarwal got 100% marks in FIT exam and shirish mehra got excellent grades in English.