Who was Jayappa ?

Ranoji Shinde's eldest son Jayappa Shinde was a Maratha General and fought several military campaigns under the Peshwa. He expanded the Maratha territory till the river Yamuna. The Marathas at that time often engaged themselves with the internal affairs of the states of Rajasthan, especially with the battles of succession. Jayappa Shinde played a crucial role in one such internal conflict involving Ram Singh. Jayappa was assassinated in Tawaser near Nagaur.

The Motto of the House is "Vidya Dadati Vinayam"

About the Housemaster Mr. Gopal Chaturvedi, inspires the students to achieve a fine blend of Indian values with an international outlook. As a Coordinator for Exchange programmes and the teacher for German Language, he takes initiative to send our students across all over the world, and to invite international students to our campus. As a Housemaster he motivates his students to excel not just on the games field but also in academics. His personal touch can be felt everywhere be it the nicely maintained dormitories, the manicured House gardens or the robust equation amongst the housemates.

Mr. Gopal Chaturvedi
Sr School Prefect, JAYAPPA HOUSE
School Prefect, JAYAPPA HOUSE
Mr. Satyakam Singh Tomar
Resident Tutor, JAYAPPA HOUSE

• Jayappa house won the Nepal Trophy for the best house in sports for the third consecutive year.
• This year the house stood second in inter house A – Group Football competition.
• In Athletics the house secured the third position in A group and First position in B group category. Kartar singh won the best athlete’s trophy in B group.
• In inter-house table tennis B Group the house stood first and in A Group the house came second.
• Darpan Agarwal has been winning the best player Award in table tennis for the last four years and has done it again this year as well.
• This year the house stood first in the A Group Cross Country race and second in B Group.
• Karma was the winner of A Group in Cross Country race.
• Dhan Bahadur Karki entered the first block in B Group Cross-Country race. It is after six years that someone has come in the first block in the B group category.
• The Jayappans stood second in the B Group category in the Aquatic meet 2017-18.
• This year the house stood 2nd in B Group Hockey tournament.
• The B-Group team also stood 2nd in Chess.
• Ayush Agarwal bagged the Bronze medal in school Triathlon competition.
• Zigmee Gurung is the recipient of the School’s Sports Blazer and is one of the very few students who has received it in Class 11.
• Zigmee Gurung, Karma Lepcha and Siddharth Bahl went for various Football IPSCs and brought laurels to the school. They also participated in Mayo Football Tournament where Zigmee was titled the best defender of the tournament.
• Sunil Kumar, a dedicated Karate player, represented the school in numerous competitions and won some medals also.
• This year 10 Jayappans attended the Annual Sport’s Banquet.