The Scindia School, Gwalior has been voted India's #1 boys boarding school in EWISR 2020-21, the world's largest and detailed schools ranking initiative. Admissions Open for the Academic Year 2021-22

What is Kanerkhed? The roots of the Scindia family can be traced to the village of Kanerkhed, 16 miles East of Satara in Maharashtra. The early Scindians joined the Maratha army raised by Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath in the 16th century.

The motto of the house is, “Vidya Bhanti Sadguna”.
About Housemistress Ms Niharika Kulshresth has 27 years of experience of teaching Physics. She has a Master's degree in Physics from Delhi University but her biggest and a ‘dream come true achievement’ was securing the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship (2011-12). This offered her the chance to teach in an American school for a period of five months. In 2012 she participated in NWUPT at IIT, Kanpur. She was awarded scholarship by CERN for the three weeks’ High School Teacher programme with CERN, Geneva in 2017. She is also a certified Career Coach and has conducted workshops for teachers in collaboration with CERN and Fulbright.
As a teacher her greatest motivation is the admiration she gets from the students and the belief that every child has something special that can be built upon with positive reinforcements. Her other interests and areas of engagement are exploring novel ways of teaching Physics, conducting quiz and organizing workshops for teachers and students.

Ms. Niharika Kulshrestha
Diwas Tripathi
Ms. Mahvish
Mrs. Monica Nagi

• Kanerkhed House scored the highest aggregate percentage in 2019-20 amongst the Junior Houses.
• Aditya Singh was the batch topper with an aggregate of 98%. He was also the batch subject topper in English, Hindi, Science, Math, Social Studies and FIT. (2019-2020)
• Kunal Gupta was the batch topper with an aggregate of 97%. He was also the batch subject topper in French and FIT. (2019-2020)
• Pratham Agrawal was the batch topper with an aggregate of 94%. He was also the batch subject topper in Science. (2019-2020)
• Aarni Sharma and Adhiraj Singh are batch toppers for English, Pratham Agrawal for Science and Rudransh Agrawal for Math.
• Harsh Upadhyay, Paawan Agrawal and Tanish Agrawal are subject batch toppers in Hindi and Science respectively.
• Arnav Chandak and Shivansh Sahu are batch subject toppers in Science and FIT respectively.
• Kunal Gupta attended the Scholars Banquet, VP’s Breakfast and signed the honours book.
• Prataksh Sharma attended the VP’s Breakfast and signed the Honours Book.
• Kanerkhed house won 1st position in Hindi Debate, 2nd position in English, Inquizitive, IT and Hindi Quiz, English Elocution, and 3rd in Hindi Elocution.
• Kunal Gupta was awarded the best rebuttal in English Debate and was also the highest scorer in the preliminary round of English and Hindi debate.
• Garv Harkut was selected for the 2nd round of Astronomy Quiz.
• Aditya Singh was the 2nd best speaker in Hindi Debate and he was also the highest scorer in the preliminary round of the English Quiz.
• Arnav Chandak was declared as the second-best speaker in the poetry section of the Hindi Elocution.
• Kunal Gupta secured 2nd position in IT Quiz.
• Arnav Chandak secured the 1st position in IT week photography and editing. Lakshya Agarwal and Shivansh Sahu secured 2nd position in IT website designing.
• Tanish Agarwal secured 2nd position in IT week poster making.
• Paawan Agarwal secured 3rd position in IT week Power Point Presentation.
• Kanerkhed house won 1st position in Chess, 2nd in Athletics, Cricket and 3rd in Football and Hockey.
• Prataksh Sharma was awarded the best player in inter house chess competition.
• Kunal Gupta was awarded the best goalkeeper in Football inter house and secured a bronze medal in inter house Shotput.
• Kunal Gupta went for U-15 Hockey IPSC to Rajasthan.
• Aaradhy Shukla secured Gold in 100m and 200m respectively and a silver in 25m backstroke in swimming
• Shivansh Sahu bagged a bronze in 200m.
• Harsh Upadhyay bagged a bronze in 100m hurdles and went for U-15 IPSC Hockey in Rajasthan.
• Ashmit Sharma secured a bronze in long jump.
• Lakshya Agarwal bagged a gold in Shotput.
• Aditya Singh bagged two golds in long jump and 100m hurdles respectively and went for U-14 football IPSC.
• Pratham Agarwal was the only student in his batch to play all the three events of the Triangulars.
• Lakshya Mittal was the captain of the Hockey Triangular team and was awarded the best defender.
• Pratham Agarwal, Rudransh Agarwal, Khushal Gupta and Utkarsh Chaudhary played the Cricket Triangulars.
• Aditya Gurjar received the most promising player in Hockey and Football respectively and Pratham Agarwal received the most promising player award in Cricket.
• Lakshya Agarwal went on a 15-day expedition to IISM for basic Skiing Course in Gulmarg, Kashmir.