Who was Madhav ?
Also known as Madhav Maharaja, His Highness Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia I was only ten when his father died. The Council of Regency ran the state till 1894 after which he assumed charge. Madhavrao Scindia I took steps which display a progressive and democratic outlook. He separated the functions of Judiciary and Executive, and established Panchayat Boards. He surprised all by separating State money and his own, fixing his privy purse at a mere two percent of the State revenue. It was his initiative to connect Sheopur, Bhind and Guna by Gwalior Railway. Further, he deposited Rs 25 lakh every year in the Gangajali Fund, which was reserved for development projects such as education, famine relief and irrigation. He built the Tighra Dam. It is believed that he would disguise himself as a common man and wander the streets of Gwalior unrecognized to check on the performance of the administration. It is His Highness Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia I who established the Scindia School in 1897 for the sons of the chieftains of Gwalior state to give them a progressive education. Madhavrao Scindia I was a diabetic and finally died in a hospital in Paris. He had two wives, and his second wife Gajraraje bore him a son named Jiwajirao – who succeeded him. The statue of His Highness Maharaj Madhavrao Scindia I mounted on a horse is placed in Jayendraganj.

The Motto of the House is “Be bold in what you stand for”

About the House Master
Mr. Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, popularly known as “Mr. Encyclopedia” amongst the students, teaches History and has been instrumental in making it immensely popular among the boys. He was recognized for his exceptional use of ICT in Teaching. He imparts his passion for music, debating and trivia to the students. The boys of the Madhav House look upto him for motivation and encouragement and his presence during Inter House events inspires them to put in their best.

House Master, MADHAV HOUSE
Mr. Manjeet Singh Bainipal
Resident Tutor, MADHAV HOUSE
Snehil Tripathi
Senior School Prefect, MADHAV HOUSE
Madhav Agarwal
School Prefect, MADHAV HOUSE
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School Prefect, MADHAV HOUSE
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School Girl Prefect, MADHAV HOUSE
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Resident Tutor, MADHAV HOUSE