Mahadji House The Motto of the House is “Veer Bhogya vasundhara, vasundhara bhogya veer”

Who was Mahadji?
Mahadji Shinde was the son of Ranoji Shinde by his Rajput wife. He took part in battles since he was only ten and between 1745 and 1761, Mahadji Shinde fought in around 50 wars. He was responsible for re-organising the Maratha power after the debacle of the Third Battle of Panipat, where he had a miraculous escape, to become the only living descendant of Ranoji. His extensive conquests and political influence in northern India made him so important that Warren Hastings and the East India Company were keen to have him on their side. In 1765 Mahadji Shinde seized Gwalior from the Jat Raja of Gohad. An important initiative that he took was to combine the forces of the Mughals, Marathas, Jats, Sikhs and the Rajputs against the British. In 1788, Mahadji Shinde conquered Delhi and restored the deposed Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II on the throne . In the next few years he created an empire that stretched from Rajasthan to the Bay of Bengal. Mahadji Shinde died in February 1794 in Vanauri, Pune. He left no heir, and was succeeded by Daulatrao Shinde, a grandson of his brother Tukoji Shinde and the son of his nephew Anandrao.

About the House Master
Mr. Mustaq Khan Choudhary has a long association with The Scindia School as the Art Teacher. A quintessential artist with an eye for aesthetics, Mr Mustaq Khan Choudhary has an important influence on the students. At a personal level, he displayed his works alongside some legendary artistes of the country such as MF Husain and Raza at exhibitions in Delhi.

Mr Ashok Shivraman
Mr Ashok Shivaraman
Mr Amit Kumar
Mr. Amit Kumar
Nimesh Singh
Nimesh Singh
School Prefect
Mr Akhil K Lakshmanan
Mr. Akhil K. Lakshmanan

• Shivam topped the Commerce Batch in 12th Board Exams.
• Prabhav Pachauri topped English and Biology subject in 12th Board Exams.
• Dhruv Periwal, Prateek Parihar and Siddharth Chandel recieved the Scholar’s Scarf.
• 8 boys attended the Scholar’s Banquet and 9 boys signed the Honour’s Book.
• Pratham Gupta participated in Inter School Fortis Psyched Quiz in which the school secured the 1st position.
• Jai Sharma stood 1st in the inter house English elocution. The House stood overall 1st.
• Prateek Parihar and Somesh Kumar stood 1st inInter house General Knowledge Quiz.
• Satya Prakash stood 1st in Digital Cartoon Making
• Arya Adhikari stood 3rd in Inter House English Elocution.
• Kenchay Lepcha came 3rd in Schelhen Crechaft German competition.
• Kenchay Lepcha participated in the Mayo Football Tournament in which school secured 3rd position.
• The ‘A’ group chess team, under the captaincy of Lalit Kumar bagged the trophy.
• The house was runner-up in ‘A’ Group cricket tournament.
• Ajay Chettri was awarded the Most Promising player in B Group Basket Ball tournament.
• Pravesh Khati secured the 2nd position in Non Comp A Group while Ajay Chettri secured the 2nd position Non Comp B Group.
• Ajay chhetri and Rudraksh Rishi secured 3rd and the 10th positon in the campus run respectively.