Who was Nimaji?
Nimaji Shinde was from the Patils of Kanerkhed village, and a stalwart ancestor of the Scindia dynasty. His contribution to the battles fought by the Marathas against Aurangzeb is recalled with reverence. In 1704, he attacked the Mughal forces in Malwa and earned a position of honour amongst Maratha warriors, known as Samanta.

The motto of the House is, “VIDHYA DADAATI VANIYAM”

About the Housemistress
Mrs. Anita Pandey is the Housemistress of Nimaji House. She is an experienced English teacher and a trainer for “GESE” Graded Examination for Spoken English. She is also in-charge of up-dation of the school website, and is a lively busybee teacher. Her cheerful disposition and friendly interaction with the students goes beyond the class room and they feel strongly connected to her.

Mr Anil Pathania
House Master, NIMAJI HOUSE
Yashovardhan Dikshit
Rhythm Kukreja
Dr. Smita Trivedi
Resident Tutor, NIMAJI HOUSE

• Tushar Saini was 2nd topper of his batch. He stood first in Ramanujam Quiz.
• Raghav Sengar stood first in poster making in IT week.
• Manjot Sethi came first in in Ramanujan Quiz and stood 2nd in website designing.
• Arpit Mittal stood first in Ramanujam Quiz. He got gold in Silver Zone Olympiad.
• Jayant Gupta stood first in Ramanujam and IT Quiz. Jayant got 2nd position in Techvriddhi ’18 website development. Jayant stood 1st in IOEL and IRAO. He stood 2ND in IOS.
• Akhil Sharma stood first in Hindi Elocution.
• Manjot Sethi stood 2nd in English elocution. He attended Scholar’s Banquet and VP’s Breakfast. He signed Honour’s Book. Manjot came first in Ramanujan Quiz. Manjot stood 2nd in website designing.
• Prakhar Agarwal came 2nd in prose section of English elocution and in power point presentation during IT week.Prakhar got 11 certificates- 6 certificates for being the topper in six subjects.He attending Scholar’s Banquet, attending VP’s breakfast.Prakhar got a gold medal and a certificate for Astronomy Quiz. In 1st round of Asset Olympiad. He got Silver medal in IARO.
• Suryansh Gupta stood 2nd in Website Designing.
• Tushar Saini signed the Honour’s Book, got Scholars Scarf, attended Scholars Banquet and VP’s Breakfast.
• Arpit Mittal stood first in Ramanujam quiz.
• Abhimanyu Bhushan secured a Bronze medal in Silver Zone Olympiad.
• Aditya Prakash Singh stood 2nd in German Wordbuilder competition. He got 3rd position in VL Pathak Hindi essay writing. He stood first in Art competition.
• Abhishek Chauhan stood second in Silver Zone Hindi Olympiad.
• Akhil Sharma stood third in Silver Zone Hindi Olympiad.
• In sports the house stood second in Football under the captaincy of Gyurmee Bhutia.
• The house stood 2nd in cricket under the captaincy of Anoop Adiwasi.
• The house stood third in Athletics under the captaincy of Anoop Adiwasi and Manjot Sethi.
• The house stood 1st in TT under the captaincy of Prakhar Agarwal.
• The house came third in Cross Country.
• The house stood third in Swimming under the captaincy of Abhimanyu Bhushan.
• Yashvardhan Nevatia secured 3rd position in Shot Put during inter house Athletics.
• Tushar Saini came in 4th block in cross country.
• Suryansh Gupta got 2nd position in Inter house swimming butterfly stroke 25 m.
• Jayant secured first position in Squash Open C Group.
• Gyurmee Bhutia got 2 bronze medals in run for health. He got the most promising player award in Hockey. He got first position in Campus Run.
• Anoop Adiwasi got a gold medal for high jump, long jump, hurdles, 200 and 100 meters each during Athletics meet. He came 3rd in cross country in junior section. He secured 5th position in run for health. He attended the Sports Banquet. He was awarded the most promising player in inter houseBasketball tournament.
• Prakhar Agarwal came in 4th block in Cross Country.