The Scindia School, Gwalior has been voted India's #1 boys boarding school in EWISR 2020-21, the world's largest and detailed schools ranking initiative. Admissions Open for the Academic Year 2021-22

Who was Ranoji?

Ranoji Shinde came from an ancient Kshatriya family. The family of Ranoji Shinde became Patils or Headmen of Kanerkhed village, Satara District in Maharashtra. Ranoji Shinde’s father Jankoji Shinde was in Balaji Vishwanath’s service and Ranoji himself was brought up as a friend of Baji Rao Vishwanath. In 1722 Ranoji was made the Commander of the Maratha Army that went to Malwa . After the Marathas conquered Malwa in 1731 the Shindes were granted 30% of the revenue of the newly acquired territory. His Highness Maharaja Ranojirao Shinde established Ujjain as his Headquarters. This is how the Scindia dynasty started. Ranojira Shinde died in 1745 AD in Mirzapur village of Sujalpur district, where one of his two chhatrisis, located, the other is in Pushkar.

About the Housemaster:

Mr Akash Sharma, the calm and composed House master of Ranoji House, has a firm hold over the boys under his care. His imperturbability and gentle demeanour ensure that the boys carry on with their day to day activities smoothly without feeling any pressure. However he is firm enough to ensure absolute adherence to strict rules. The boys are therefore great sticklers for punctuality and look upto Mr Sharma for strong moral support. A keen aesthetic sense defines his personality and the boys are encouraged to keep their dormitories clean and artistic. Mr Sharma along with his wife take care to provide enrichment to the boys in all core subjects. With a strong passion for music he has ensured that the House wins laurels in all music competitions. He aims to groom students for life therefore he takes care not only of their academic but spiritual and social growth also.

Mr. Akash Sharma
House Master, RANOJI HOUSE
Uttam Rai
School Prefect, RANOJI HOUSE
Rhythm Kukreja
School Prefect, RANOJI HOUSE
Mr. Saurabh Kaul
Resident Tutor, RANOJI HOUSE