Mr F G Pearce

Mr. F. G Pearce, better known as Mahatteya among his colleagues in the schools he worked, was a man of distinct goodness and sincerity. He helped Scindia School sprint in the path of progress when he it was just taking baby steps.

Being an Oxfordian and a person who had a penchant for public schools, Mr. Pearce gave Scindia a healthy Indian background to grow on. He was responsible for laying the foundations of a culture that is better known as “Scindian” to this day. Stories and incidents of him and his tenure at the school are till date legendary anecdotes that echo in the chambers and the corridors of the school and the barracks.

Mr K C Shukla

Serving the longest tenure as a principal at The Scindia School spanning over two decades, Padamshri Mr. K.C. Shukla was a disciplinarian, academician, a pioneer and everyone’s friend.

During his long career, Mr. Shukla literally changed the look of the school. He was responsible for adding the main cricket pavilion, the school hospital, the Sakseria Hall, Social Welfare Centre etc to the school. It was during his tenure, that the Gaddi barracks and Gun Barracks were acquired from the possession of the government and added to the school campus. A man of great instinct and vigour, Mr. Shukla is fondly remembered as one of the strong pillars the school stands on today.

Mr J L Dar

Mr. J.L.Dar or JLD as he was popularly known to teachers and students was a man of grandeur. As on of the earlier principals of the school, Mr. Dar was also responsible for adding a whole bunch of structures to the school. And these projects were usually stuff of much fanfare. Known to be an energetic man, he would tend to his principal duties and take classes during the day and get other things running through the evenings.

JLD was a good teacher, well read, well versed but his greatest strength lay in being involved in the growth of students on a personal basis. He was ambitious; one of his visions yet to be fulfilled is the school to have its own observatory on top of the Kutia Mahal.

Dr S D Singh

Dr. S.D. Singh was one of the most respected and loved principals. He was a man of amiable character, a thorough academician and most importantly, a visionary. He was single handedly responsible for upgrading Scindia School’s role in Indian Public School Conference of which Dr. Singh served as a Chairman as well. His interactions with the Round Square Conference have helped Scindia School become a strong contender amongst educational institutions, world over. Dr. Singh’s contributions to the school include setting up of Computer Centre, addition of the Science block and overhaulling of the Sports Complex among many other such feats.

Dr. Singh was loved by all. So much so, that during one of the Annual Functions during his tenure, the president of The Board of Governors, Late HH Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia called him “…the most outstanding principal in India”. Mr. Singh was no stranger to such remarks and admiration from his colleagues and students alike.

Dr. SD Singh
101, ‘Ram Krishna’
26, Alkapuri
Baroda 390007
T: 0265-2332564/ 2354506
M: 098244 28740

Mr A N Dar

Mr. A.N.Dar, the Green man of Scindia School, an alumni, a true Scindian, he was responsible for many developments in the school. Mr. Dar was a man of great enthusiasm. He was outgoing and would always encourage and consider ideas from out of the box. He was a principal who believed in giving students responsibilities and would engage them in the development of the school. Many hobby societies and cultural clubs came into being during his tenure. Mr. Dar was the epitome of pastoral care of the students. He was peculiar and there are many feats that have DAR written all over them. He was a very approachable principal and would treat students and teachers with the same sincerity. Mr. Dar commanded respect from his students and colleagues and rightly so.

A-12, SECTOR 132
T: 09386590855.

Mr N K Tewari

Mr. N.K. Tewari, first the chemistry teacher, then the principal was probably the most compassionate and accommodating principals the school has seen. He would help his colleagues and students whenever they needed him. And this is what he is remembered for most. There are many testimonials in various Scindia publications which stand testimony to this. He was friendly, earned people’s respect and trust easily and lived up to the expectations. Being very tech savvy and often referred to as the “Computer Man” by Mr. Dar, Mr. Tewari was a pioneer in devising ‘fair systems’ in the administration of the affairs at school, incorporating technology along with old school methods. He would stay calm in tense situations and pressing deadlines, and would deliver what was required of him with efficiency. He would not let his decisions get influenced and would make sure he did what was right for the students, the school and the Scindian traditions.

Mr Samik Ghosh

Mr. Samik Ghosh was the Principal of the school from 2009 till 30th June 2015. He strongly believes in allowing the staff and the students a certain amount of freedom to pursue their initiatives as long as those contribute to the welfare of the institution. He believes that a school like The Scindia School should run through the spirit of all stake-holders recognizing their accountability and role in the institution. Mr. Ghosh has a wide variety of interests which include cricket, photography, films and drama. His range of reading exceeds the specific texts on education and management. He is passionate about making conversations with the students and the colleagues and often turning them to the Socratic discussion. He remains cheerful and calm under all situations and allows his colleagues and students to be the same.

Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat

A responsibility he has held since April 2015. He has demonstrated enormous success in establishing an environment of excellence by building upon the strengths of its partakers at the School. The Scindia School has been adjudged as the best boarding school for boys in India by EW for two consecutive years.

An English, Hindi and Sanskrit alumnus of the Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra, which also awarded him a doctorate in Hindi, he has more than 31 years of experience in teaching, academic administration, team building and community development programmes. Before being appointed the CEO of the Sapkal Knowledge Hub and Founder-Principal of the Orchid International School, Nashik (Maharashtra), he served a long stint as a teacher at The Doon School, Dehradun (1989-2005), where he was profoundly engaged with several curricular and co-curricular activities. While at Doon, he led many Service Projects wherein he raised funds, built new infrastructure, and instilled ideas of a more inclusive and humane culture in students and adults alike. He is an exponent of the ideology of ‘Leadership through Service’ and has actively promoted it by setting the right references for all to see and imbibe.