The school executes long term plans to enhance the school infrastructure in diverse areas, based on an annual cycle around the Founder's Day. Such renovations, with full sensitivity towards heritage and conservation, are based upon the advice of various professionals, and conservation architects from among our own Old Boys.

Projects undertaken and completed
  1. Renovation of the four Junior Houses is complete. Landscaping and common area work has also been completed along with the installation of the new security gate
  2. Looking into the hot and humid weather conditions, which prevail over several months every year in this part of the world, all the classrooms have been air-conditioned. This is to enhance the comfort of students and teachers during academic transaction
  3. All road networks excluding the roads in front of the Senior Houses have been paved with Polycrete pavers. The entire work will be completed in a short while
  4. SOBA House renovation work continued in phases. Stone-flooring, repair work etc. was done on the dais in front of the SOBA House. This work reached its close on 26 February 2020
  5. Renovation of Ranoji House has been completed
  6. The Health Centre has been refurbished
  7. A unique eco park has been commissioned
  8. A project for water conservation is under way
Projects that shall be/ likely to be taken up over the next few years:

The following Projects have been earmarked to be taken up in future/ next financial years:

  1. Creation of a Multi-Purpose Sports Hall in phases. The first phase has been completed
  2. Renovation of the swimming pool
  3. Renovation of the Library
  4. Creation of a Facility center near the Main Gate
  5. Jayaji House is being renovated