Teachers’ Day Celebration 2022

Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great fervour on the Fort. For the past two years, this celebration had been relegated to the online mode for the pandemic necessitated it. So this year saw heightened enthusiasm on both sides- the teacher and the taught. The excitement levels surged through the day. Students invited the teachers to the cultural programme, had light-hearted talks with them and not only greeted them but bent their heads in obeisance as they passed by them. The faculty enjoyed the special nihari served in the Mess with the accompaniment of songs and reverent speeches. After nihari, Fresher’s Day was held and an early lunch was served. In the evening, the students put up a wonderful cultural programme. Dance, music and lovely presentations by the students kept the teachers deeply engrossed and sent them into splits of laughter quite frequently. It was a true expression of the profound relationship between the teacher and the taught in the environs of boarding school life.

Investiture Ceremony 2022

On 9 August 2022, the much-awaited Investiture Ceremony for the Prefectorial Board of 2022-23, was held in the Assembly Hall. Amid the surging excitement levels, the ceremony was conducted formally as the names of prefects were announced, and they walked down the aisle and up to the stage to the sound of the bugle played by the School Brass Band. The solemn Oath-taking ceremony was conducted and the following students were sworn in as School Prefects- Arjun Bhat and Keshav Kapoor, Ranoji; Satyam Raj and Bhavya Dhamija, Mahadji; Ayushmaan Rai, Jeevaji; Sumedh Potdar and Utkarsh Gupta, Madhav; Jeh Neville Hilluwala and Sanyam Agarwal, Shivaji; Tushar Saini, Daulat; Shirish Mehra and Gourav Mehra, Jayappa. Parikshita Singh, Jayaji, was sworn in as the Girl Prefect. Vidit Gupta, Jeevaji, and Anubhav Sachan, Jayaji, became the Deputy Senior School Prefects. Mayank Choudhary was sworn in as the Senior School Prefect.

Morning Assembly Marks the Commencement of the Diwali Term

The first Morning Assembly was conducted on 11 July 2022 at The Scindia School. The customary Sanskrit and English Prayer set the tone for the occasion. While conducting his first Assembly, the new Principal, Mr Ajay Singh introduced himself to the audience as the proud entity who has become a part of the rich legacy. He emphasized that the school presents itself as a place for transformational learning. He also talked about the stupendous efforts on water conservation and harvesting as well as the outstanding Ecology Project which has been undertaken on the Fort. The new faculty members were formally introduced: Mr Mandaar Sharma, HOD Sports; Ms Sangeetha, Behavioural Counsellor; Mr Dhruv Sharma, Western Music; and Mr Yogesh Sharma, Music. The Assembly ended with the School Song.

The Annual House Report Ceremony

The Annual House Report Ceremony was held on Wednesday, 13 April 2022 at the Shukla Memorial Open Air Theatre. This traditional ceremony held at the end of the academic year is an occasion to felicitate the outstanding sports and academic achievers. The smartly turned-out representatives from each House took the dais and presented the achievements of their respective Houses with a sense of pride. Each House Report was followed by a thunderous round of applause.

The Annual House Report Ceremony gives a chance to really reflect on our achievements over the past academic year and to appreciate one another’s efforts and give credit where credit is due. It must have been particularly challenging for all our Housemasters to choose the awardee in each category. It was heartening to see that while the ceremony was about individual House achievements but the entire community rejoiced in it.


The Valedictory Assembly was held at the Open Air Theatre on 19 March 2022. The Scindian community gathered to bid a warm farewell to the Batch of 2022. The solemn occasion started with the customary Sanskrit and English prayer.  The Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat in his heartwarming speech reminded the students of the outgoing batch of the higher purpose of education; which is to contribute towards the community one is a part of and to be kind to all living beings. He urged them to take each experience of their life as an opportunity to learn, as it would help them to become a better individual. This was followed by the speech of the Senior School Prefect, Ujjwal Mehrotra who had everybody in splits through the humorous snippets about each of his batch-mates. He also reminisced about the journey of his Batch and their transformation from shy diffident kids to confident gentlemen ready to take on the world. This was followed by an emotional presentation capturing the glimpses of their momentous journey at the Fort. After this the students walked out of the SMOAT with lighted candles in their hands, a symbolic ceremony which marks the carrying forward of the light of knowledge to the world as true ambassadors of the Scindian legacy. The evening came to an end with a sumptuous dinner at the Swimming Pool and presentation of mementos.

A Report on the Special Assembly

A Special Assembly was conducted on 7 March 2022. After the Sanskrit and English prayers, the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat talked about the importance of being alert and making the most of the time at hand. Thereafter, some important announcements were made. Nimaji House won the trophy for the Junior Group Inter-house Basketball competition. Academic awards were announced next: Akshay Suman, Keshav Singhania, Vedansh Balasaria, Aaradhy Shiv Shukla, Ansh Garg, Krishna Gupta and Aditya Singh were awarded the Scholar’s Scarf for their brilliant academic performance in class IX. Memoy Mishra, Prashant Agarwal and Shantanu Yadav were awarded the Scholar’s Tie for their performance in class XI. The names of Stream wise toppers were also announced; Memoy Mishra (Science), Shantanu Yadav (Humanities), Atherva Karwa (Commerce), and Ujjwal Mehrotra (Commerce). The Scholar’s Blazer for the session 2021-22 was awarded to Memoy Mishra and Shantanu Yadav, presently in Class XII, for their excellent performance in academics. Finally, the assembly came to a close with the School Song.

Virtual Assembly marks the commencement of the Online Academic and Co-curricular Activities

The session 2022 in The Scindia School opened with Online Classes for students on 15 June 2021. The Special Assembly conducted online through a webinar, set the tone for the day as the students came back virtually into the school. The Assembly started with the Sanskrit Prayer ‘मित्रस्याहं चक्षुषा सर्वाणि भूतानि समीक्षे। मित्रस्य चक्षुषा समीक्षामहे।‘ drawn from the Yajurveda. The English Prayer was read by the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat, and thereafter he addressed the gathering and apprized the community of all the changes that are to come into the online mode. He asked the students to keep their focus on academics as well as deeply engage in the extracurricular activities. He stressed on the need for accountability and continuity in learning to enable the student to make the maximum out of their formative learning years. The Principal announced the names of the various award winners in academics: Aditya Raj, Atharva Tiwari, Sahaj Agarwal, Vivek Sharma, Arnav Joshi, Ayaan Agarwal, Keshav Jhunjhunwala, Pulak Bagaria and Saksham Agrawal received the Scholar’s Badge for scoring 95% in all tests cycles in the category VI to VIII. Akshay Suman, Keshav Singhania, Vedansh Balasaria, Aaradhy Shiv Shukla, Ansh Garg, Krishna Gupta, and Aditya Singh received the Scholar’s Scarf for securing 95% in all tests cycles in all (six) subjects in the category-Class IX. Memoy Mishra, Prashant Agarwal and Shantanu Yadav were awarded with the Scholar’s Tie for securing 90% aggregate in all tests cycles in class XI. For Class XI, Memoy Mishra was declared the topper for Science stream, Shantanu Yadav for Humanities, and Atherva Karwa and Ujjwal Mehrotra were declared toppers for the Commerce Stream.
The Prefectorial Board for the year 2022 was also announced. Suyash Bansal and Shantanu Yadav, Dhruv Jhiriwal and Prateek Garg, Yanglem Arjun Singh, Svastik Arora and Veer Arora, Keshav Dudhani and Siddharth Chandel, Pranay Agarwal, and Prashant Agarwal were appointed School Prefects from Jayaji, Jayappa, Jeevaji, Madhav, Mahadji, Ranoji and Shivaji House, respectively. Memoy Mishra and Pranav Wadhwa from Daulat House were appointed Deputy Senior School Prefects and Ujjwal Mehrotra from Madhav House was appointed as the Senior School Prefect for the year 2022.
Congratulations to all the award winners and prefects!

Covid update from The Scindia School

The school is happy to inform all of you that the children, who had resumed school in January, are all safely back home with their parents.

There were a few isolated instances of a few children and faculty testing positive, but prompt action on the part of the medical team ensured that all of them were swiftly isolated, tested again after 4 days, and then sent home.

The Govt of MP has also announced the closure of all schools, including Scindia with effect from 14th April 2021.

We are currently examining ways and means to ensure that no further cases emerge.

All the faculty, staff and their family members, who will continue to be on the fort, will be tested every 4 days to ensure there is no recurrence of cases.

We wish to thank all faculty, the medical community and above all, the parents, for their unwavering support, and suggestions.

We will keep you periodically updated of further developments.

The XX Scholars’ Banquet and XXVI Sports Banquet

The XX Scholars’ Banquet and XXVI Sports Banquet for the year 2020-21 was held on 3rd April 2021 at 8.30 pm in the School Dining Hall. The Chief Guest of the evening, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat, Principal, The Scindia School, was greeted by a fantastic Band Display by the Brass Band, with mellifluous tunes like the Immigrant Song, Final countdown and finally, the School Song. The Sports Banquet was attended by the Senior School Prefect, School Games Captain, and 13 Sports Captains while the Scholars’ Banquet was attended by 108 scholars. The event commenced with the Senior School Prefect, Angad Sahni welcoming the gathering to the celebration. Chirag Rathi and Aditi Joshi received the Scholars’ blazer for exemplary performance in Class XI. Sher Bahadur Dahal was appointed as the School Games Captain and Gautam Agarwal was appointed as the Horse-Riding Captain. The first toast was raised by the Principal for the health of all. Sher Bahadur Dahal, the Sports Captain raised the toast for the outgoing Sportsmen of the school. The evening concluded with a four-course meal.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2020

The influence of digitization enabled us to experience an event like never before. The Tecahers’ Day celebration at The Scindia School was organised by our student community led by the batch of 2021. The event started with a beautiful Chorus and manifested into a memorable evening full of music, dance, and laughter. The spot on sense of humour of our children sent us in splits of laughter throughout the evening. A part of the event was prerecorded and the student hosts joined us via Teams as the Emcees. The day scholars, who were on campus, performed live. Principal, Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat, addressed the gathering and complimented the student community for such a splendid show. He hoped for them to come back to the Fort sooner and join us on the other side of the pandemic. It was an evening full of emotions and joy. The event ended with a beautiful vine video, where students enacted a few roles , simulating the teachers.

Valedictory Assembly 2020

The Valedictory Assembly was held on 14th February 2020. The customary Sanskrit and English prayers were read out. The Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat addressed the gathering. He said that he was of the opinion that “neither anybody teaches nor you are taught”. He opined that it is only that the adults have experiences and try to share those experiences with the boys. He also told them that the experience of just living on the Fort has enriched all of them. Time has come to enrich and strengthen the legacy of their alma mater. The Senior School Prefect, Aditya Parashar came to the dais and gave his heartfelt thanks to the school community for moulding them, from the ‘unsure boys of yesterday’ to the ‘men of tomorrow’. The entire Shukla Memorial Open Air Theatre reverberated with applause. The tradition of lighting the candle was performed which symbolizes that our boys will carry the light of knowledge out into the world. The boys of Class XII were greeted by The Scindia School Brass Band with the tunes of ‘Kabhi alvida na kehna’ as they led out of the OAT. The event culminated with dinner at the Principal’s residence.

Vasant Panchami 2020

On the occasion of Vasant Panchami, the school organised a special assembly, paying tribute to the Goddess of Saraswati and embracing the season of Vasant (Spring) with warmth. The students of the junior houses presented a wonderful Sarswati Vandana and a song marking the onset of spring. Two senior students delivered well-drafted speeches in Hindi and English respectively and enlightened the audience about the festival and its symbolic meaning as acknowledged across the country. The students dispersed with a stronger sense of cultural rootedness and respect to the country’s diverse identities!

Ranked India’s # 1 boys boarding school by EW 2019-20

We take pride in announcing that The Scindia School, Gwalior, has been ranked as India’s # 1 boys boarding school in the annual EducationWorld India School Rankings (EWISR) 2019 – 20. The #1 ranking of The Scindia School is the result of a massive countrywide field survey encapsulating the perception and opinions of carefully selected sample of stakeholders in primary-secondary education which included educators, principals and teachers from across the length and breadth of the country. It was a rare occasion as Principals of the two most respected Schools on the Indian soil shared the stage together at the Education World Award Ceremony on Saturday, the 28th of September 2019.

Indeed a proud moment for all of us! On this momentous occasion, we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each member of the extended family, as this stupendous achievement is the culmination of the efforts made by the team. This has now put a larger responsibility on our shoulders, which is to sustain the position the School rightfully deserves.

Long live Scindia!

POCSO (2012) Act

Buddhi World Foundation conducted a workshop on the POCSO (2012) Act on 29th August 2019, in order to create awareness among the teachers, administrative staff and the non-teaching staff of the school. The resource persons were Mr. Manish Gupta, Mrs. Khushbu Kumari, and Mrs. Bela Gupta.

Buddhi World Foundation, which started as an organisation conducting workshops on Emotional Intelligence, began its journey in the year 2011 and since then, has been working relentlessly on EI and issues regarding Child Sexual Abuse. The foundation has worked with organisations like NCPCR and has reached out to thousands of students and teachers across the country.

The workshop was about the recent ammendments in the POCSO Act and the role that teachers play in addressing child sexual abuse. It started with a movie named Komal, which beautifully displayed various aspects of child sexual abuse, generating awareness. The workshop extensively talked about Child Line number 1098; the laws that are functional within POCSO; and child friendly procedures. Various case studies were used by the resource persons to talk about sections regarding reporting, false reporting, and the ways in which the child can be examined/ investigated.

Ms. Smita Chaturvedi, Vice Principal (Pastoral Care) and Mr. Dhirendra Sharma, Dean of Co-curricular Activities, presented a token of gratitude and warmth to team Buddhi World.

The Buddhi World team expressed their joy in conducting a workshop at Scindia and the entire fraternity expressed their contentment in being a part of the workshop and all the members walked home learning a lot more about protecting and empowering children.

School won Victor Altiore trophy

A total of 7 students represented the school in the Vivek High Annual Inter-School Business Quiz and Business Venture, 2019 held at Vivek High School, Chandigarh from 22nd to 23rd August, 2019.
Our school delivered outstanding performance in the event. Suyash Bansal bagged the 2nd best speaker in the preliminary round of the debates amongst a total of 54 speakers.
It is an honour for us to declare that out of 18 participating schools, the Scindia School bagged the Overall Running Trophy of the event, “Victor Altiore”!

A talk on Chandrayaan II

The department of Science organized a talk on Chandrayaan II, India’s recent progress in the field of Astrophysics. Dr. Mathur, former Scientist, ISRO; an expert in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics was invited as the Chief Speaker. The session revolved around the launch of Chandrayaan II and the Mars Obiter Mission. Dr. Mathur started the talk with the basic dynamics of the earth’s existence and the space and led an interesting session for the students and teachers. The veteran also explained the success of Chandrayaan II, quoting the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle phenomenon, in-spite of it not landing on the moon. The interaction ended with a “Question and Answer” session, letting the curiosity of the children come out with a variety of interrogations. Mr. Dhirendra Sharma, the Dean of Co-Curricular Activities, presented a token of love and heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Mathur.


The Scindia School provided its students an opportunity to soak themselves in an ambience where literature is celebrated, giving them an inspiration to indulge in the creative arts of reading and writing. The 3rd Literary Festival of the Scindia School commenced on the 3rd of December, 2018. Over a span of three days, nine renowned authors will grace the Fort with their presence. The fest shall expose the students to the insights that these writers have, which is a privilege in the process of developing perceptions.

The event started with a solemn Opening Ceremony, which was not only attended by Scindians, but also by the visiting schools. The school choir presented a soulful Sarasvati Vandana, followed by a spellbinding semi-classical dance performance. Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests. In his address to the gathering, he mentioned that such opportunities must be provided to young, impressionable minds so as further their holistic development. The Principal pressed upon the significance of promoting education for life and not just for livelihood.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, who is the bestselling author of Inside Chanakya’s Mind, Chatur Chanakya and The Himalayan Problem. Dr. Pillai expressed his heartfelt gratitude for being invited to one of the finest institutions of the country, not just in terms of students, but also in terms of alumni. Dr. Pillai brought forth the idea that the current era need more collaboration and not competition. He believes that leadership should be taught at school and the learners can inculcate leadership through art, music and literature. Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai interacted with the students of class 6th and 7th and told them three mesmerising stories revolving around compassion, competition and leadership. He even gave personal anecdotes, which helped the children connect with his session. Dr. Pillai encouraged the children to be vocal about their opinions and eloquently quoted Chanakya, “I may not agree with your points but I will not take away your right to disagree.”

Mr. Gaurav Tekriwal, who is a distinguished educator and the founder President of The Vedic Maths Forum, India, conducted a session simultaneously. He inspired and informed the learners, helping them to realise their true potential by introducing them to the world’s fastest mental-math system called Vedic Mathematics. He taught the children various tricks, which would help them, solve day-to-day math problems with ease.

A book fair, was the icing on the cake, which had a multitude of books to cater to various pallets of the 21st century learner. With inspired young minds and a renewable love for literature, the first day of the 3rd Scindia Literary Festival came to an edifying and heart-warming end.

On the 4th of December, the day began with a session taken by Ms. Roopal Rashomani Kewalya. Ms. Kewalya is a screenwriter, actor, author, social activist, all bundled up into one. She interacted with the learners of classes 6 and 7. Ms. Kewalya very subtly interwove the importance of environmental conservation through the art of storytelling. She read out an excerpt from her book The Rainmaker bringing to life the story of the little girl Anoushqa, who has never seen rain. The interaction between the author and the children was engaging and insightful, as the little Scindians took the opportunity to learn all that they could about the art of writing and telling stories.

Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai had a session with the students of class 8 to 12, wherein he stressed on the need for an optimistic attitude for reading and writing and asked the audience to strategizing their actions keeping the consequences in mind, taking inspiration from Chanakya. He expressed his pride to be at Scindia and left the learners with an inspirational note of appreciating their talents and enhancing these throughout their lives.

The Garodia sisters, Archana and Shruti, conducted a session with the learners of class 6 and 7. They helped the children tread the lanes of history by using ancient animals of India as media. A video presentation and different stories engaged the children in understanding the historical accounts of various animals in the region of what we now know as India. The smartness of Scindians was reflected in the concluding quiz session, which the learners thoroughly enjoyed.

Mr. Harinder S. Sikka’s session was full of anecdotes on what his journey has been. He inspired the students to stand firm and tall in life, while stressing on his belief of an angel being the life guardian of people at moments of crisis. Mr. Sikka’s experiences indicate ones acknowledgement of humanity and morals for a fulfilling life. The engaging session ended with hi meaningful quote “If you have deciphered your mind and soul, trust me, you have deciphered everything.”

The eventful day ended with the learners asking for more.

The last day of the 3rd Scindia Literary Festival started with an enriching session with Mr. Sudeep Nagarkar. He talked to the learners of class 8 to 11 regarding the hard work and struggle that goes into becoming a full time writer. He encouraged them to be confident and never to judge self and others. He conveyed the strong belief that one will always find a few takers of one’s true self in life. He expressed, that in order to become a writer the learners need to be patient as nothing happens overnight. He encouraged the students to have more group discussions and explore the different interpretations of writers as that would help them evolve as a writer.

The session conducted by the Gahilote sisters, Shaguna and Prarthana, transported the learners of class 6 and 7 to the Himalayan region. The sisters shared their journey of finding folk tales in the heart of various places like Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim, North Bengal and the like. The sisters discussed the nuances of translating folk tales into English, sensitizing the learners with the importance of preserving their folk tradition and cultures. The Scindians were enthralled during the story telling session and asked a million questions thereafter.

With these inspiring sessions, the 3rd Scindia Literary Festival ended, leaving one and all enraptured in the mesmerising cascades of creativity and literature.


With the definition of education constantly being re-evaluated, there is a dire need of bridging the gap between schools and universities, in order to create a congenial learning environment for the 21st century learner. On the 15th of November, Principal Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat was on the panel of a discussion organised by Future 50 Schools Shaping Success in Mumbai. Dr Saraswat lent his thoughts on the role schools of this era need to play to be able to add value to modern day learners. He pressed on the importance of education, which should be promoted as a life skill rather than just a source of livelihood.


Professor Brad MacKay Vice-Principal (International Strategy and External Relations) University of St Andrews, Mr.Ivar Moller Assistant Director of Admissions University of St Andrews, Mr. Kurien Jospeh University of St Andrews, Representative for India and Mr. Vir Singh Anand visited the school on August 31st and September 1st.

This was Prof Mackay’s first India visit. The agenda of his visit was to understand the Indian education system and have a first-hand experience with Indian students and schools. The two days visit was marked by meeting the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat and Board Member Mr. Rahul Kulshrestha, he visited all the hobbies and also interacted with the Director sports and his team.