Sheer Learning Pleasure in the Midst of Wildlife Experiences

14 January 2016


A Report on Round Square Conference at MGD Jaipur
Measuring cloud density, testing soil culture, gauging height of trees and learning interesting concepts of science and real life amidst wildlife were the highlights of learning through experimentation for Scindian participants at the Round Square Conference. The Scindia School students participated in the Round Square Conference organised by MGD School, Jaipur from 12th to 15th December 2015 at Sariska National Park, a wildlife sanctuary and Tiger Reserve.
The most fascinating aspect of the conference was experiencing the finer points of wildlife, film making, challenges etc while discussing the facts with world renowned wildlife cinematographer, Nalla Muthu. They also watched his famous wildlife movie `Tiger Dynasty & Tiger Revenge'. In a thirty year long career Mr Muthu had the opportunity to shoot feature films, documentaries, news, corporate films and TV shows. After a thrilling and exhilarating stay the participants returned with lots of valuable and unforgettable learning experience which will be cherished for a long time.