A Report on the Tree Plantation Drive in the School Campus

03 August 2018


The Scindia School has had a long standing tradition of preservation of culture, heritage and flora and fauna of the Fort. In order to sensitize students towards the need to preserve our environment and ecology, tree plantation drives are organised in the School from time to time. One such drive was held on 2nd August 2018, during which trees were planted around the area of Khamba Taal, an ancient water tapping system on the Fort. The water is being sucked from Chamri Taal, a water collection centre, quite full because of recent rains, into the Khamba Taal. The Vice Principals, Dean of Co-curricular Activities, Dean of ICT, Dean of Activities, and many other teachers were present the occasion and they planted numerous trees like tamarind, and Ficus religiosa which are elemental to the ecology of the Fort. Click here to pics on this event