A talk on Chandrayaan II

19 August 2019


The department of Science organized a talk on Chandrayaan II, India’s recent progress in the field of Astrophysics. Dr. Mathur, former Scientist, ISRO; an expert in the field of Astronomy and Astrophysics was invited as the Chief Speaker. The session revolved around the launch of Chandrayaan II and the Mars Obiter Mission. Dr. Mathur started the talk with the basic dynamics of the earth’s existence and the space and led an interesting session for the students and teachers. The veteran also explained the success of Chandrayaan II, quoting the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle phenomenon, in-spite of it not landing on the moon. The interaction ended with a “Question and Answer” session, letting the curiosity of the children come out with a variety of interrogations. Mr. Dhirendra Sharma, the Dean of Co-Curricular Activities, presented a token of love and heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Mathur.