Academic Awards Ceremony

14 October 2015


Academic Awards Ceremony was held on 13th October 2015 at SMOAT to honor the meritorious students for excellence in studies. The intent of the ceremony was to recognize and promote such talented students. The Principal, Dr Madhav​ Deo Saraswat congratulated the students while giving away the certificates and prizes. The meritorious students were dressed smartly in all whites and tie for Senior School and grey and white for Junior School students. Honours’ Book was signed by students from Class VI to VIII who got 4 A Grades. The qualifying criteria were to secure overall 4 A grades in any 5 subjects without any C Grade throughout the academic year 2014 - 15. In Class IX and X the students who scored 10 CGPA were considered for this award. All the class toppers in top two positions were suitably awarded. Some students from Class VIII-X made it to the Club of Super 90 for getting 9.6 CGPA and above. All the students of Class XI who scored more than 85% in their Class XI promotion exam in their respective classes were given certificates. The Scholar’s Scarf was given to all those students who scored 5 A or 10 CGPA in Class IX and X. The entire ceremony motivated the boys and everyone was highly inspired by the meritorious students.