An Evening of Poetic Magic

22 November 2014


On 22nd November 2014 a poetry-reading session was organized to encourage the young and budding poets. The students and some teachers read out a diverse selection of self-composed poems. It was a cool balmy evening and one felt a nip in the air as students and teachers sat under a banyan tree by the side of Madhav Field and poetry was in the air. The decor added to the magic. Handing over of a lit candle from one poet to the next was a sensitive and meaningful gesture. The themes ranged from his school life to a simple man’s dreams etc. The young writers were quite powerful in their expression.Everyone liked the concept of an evening dedicated to poetry. Mayank Kumar Jha, Arindam Bharadwaj, Aniket Parihar, Manu Gupta, Ishan Gangwani, Urdesh Thakur, Shubhmanyu Lahiri, Arya Laddha etc read out poems that expressed general to personal and emotional thoughts. The rules of poetry were not at all rigid as they could express themselves in free verse. The self-composed poems by the Principal, Mr Samik Ghosh, Dr BS Bhakuni, Dr (Mrs) Maitreyee Bishnoi, Mr Manoj Mishra andMs Renu Pandey were highly applauded by the attentive audience. Mr. VisheshSahai read out a poem by our former teacher Mr. Mrigank Pandey. It was a memorable evening.