An Exchange Of Creative Ideas

18 February 2015


The Scindia School Fort, heartily welcomed a team of 10 students and an escort teacher; Mrs. Uma Pawar from The FABINDIA School, Bali, Rajasthan for a 5 day long Art and Craft Exchange Programme. It was a joyous experience for the young Scindians to exchange ideas with them from 18th to 22nd February 2015. Their short tenure was imaginatively planned as they attended art workshops on tie n dye, paper mache, wood, metal and craft work. They were trained by MrsJaimalaPatil and MrsKirti Ghosh; the art and craft teachers at the School. The students of FABINDIA School were delighted to work with the creative Scindians and their stay in Junior School was an equally enriching experience. Overall the exchange program was extremely fruitful and enjoyable.