Back to Nature

15 March 2022


Students are back on the campus and they undertook the Eco Park activities with a lot of enthusiasm and a high degree of involvement. Classes VI, VII, VIII, and IX delved in the lap of nature for sometime by involving themselves in different activities as a part of the Ecology Park Project. While students of classes VI, VII and VIII took up a Nature Walk and familiarized themselves with the landscape, flora and fauna of the Fort, students of Class IX undertook a technical activity that involved cutting stems of different plant species and understanding the fundamentals of vegetative reproduction which is also a part of their Biology Academic Curriculum. The effort was aimed at sensitizing the students to understand the need of conservation of nature and natural resources. Students showed great enthusiasm throughout the activity and asked pertinent questions about the scope and development of the project and tried to comprehend as to how it is linked to the strengthening of nature conservation efforts in the future. The students were supported in this endeavour by the core team of teachers - Mr Gopal Chaturvedi, Ms Sangeeta Jain, Mr Jitendra Jawale and Mr Anubhav Sarkar.