Cleaning Spree

06 July 2015


As part of encouraging social work culture among the boys it has been decided that a few hours will be devoted to some kind of social work every Sunday. In this context the students undertook the task of cleaning the channel system of all the chambers near Astachal and Khamba tal on 5th July 2015. This effort was to ensure optimum use of rain water harvesting. On a serious note the school administration desires that this generation understands the value of potable water and hence this value is instilled in them in the formative years of their life. It is fascinating to know that the importance of water harvesting was known even when this fort was constructed. The channels are made in such a manner that every drop is collected in the tals of the Fort. The boys did full justice to the cleanliness drive and the house masters and the teachers who volunteered were quite satisfied with the performance. It was a good combination of work and fun on a warm Sunday afternoon.