Cleanliness Drive on the Fort

13 September 2017


As part of encouraging community work culture among the boys with specific reference to cleanliness the boys from Junior House undertook the task of cleaning the area near Gurudwara on 12th September 2017. Armed with brooms and big carry bags the little boys were seen picking up paper and plastic and sweeping the surrounding area. It was a great moment to watch the boys exhibit the zeal of keeping the environment clean. The dirt and dust did not deter their spirit and they took part in the cleanliness drive enthusiastically. This cleanliness drive was finished under the guidance of Dr BS Bhakuni in keeping with the initiative by CBSE to observe ` Swachhta Pakhwada’. English department undertook various initiatives which focused on creative writing. Students from Classes VI-VIII wrote messages on `Swachhta Awareness’ which were posted on the School website. They wrote messages on why and how can the environment be kept clean. Almost 200 students from Classes IX and X wrote an essay on `Cleanliness and Hygiene practices in school’. Students wrote eloquently about the campus cleaning activities undertaken by the school community on a regular basis. Rain water harvesting, greening initiatives, making of water channels also got due coverage in the essays. Many students also shared their pride in the Aqua Foundation award received by the school. The top three positions in Class IX are Agastya Babbar IX B Utkarsh Agrawal IX C Agrim Kapoor IX D The top three positions in Class X are Krishnam Purwar X D Saksham Bansal XA Arya Ladha XA Students of Classes XI and XII took part in debates. The topics were `Attitude change is more important than the movement’ and `Swachh Bharat is just a slogan’. The boys expressed their views with great clarity on either side of the motion leaving the audience enough food for thought. German Department conducted many activities such as Poster making competition in German. The students wrote articles on “Swachh Bharat” for German magazine “Zeitgeist”. There was also a Cartoon making competition on “Swachh Bharat”. Various posters and paintings were made by the Art Department on cleanliness. This entire effort, which lasted 15 days, instilled in the hearts and minds of Scindians, the need to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings all the time. It is in keeping with 'Swach Bharat Abhiyaan' which was begun by PM, Narendra Modi in 2014.