Covid update from The Scindia School

04 May 2021

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The school is happy to inform all of you that the children, who had resumed school in January, are all safely back home with their parents. There were a few isolated instances of a few children and faculty testing positive, but prompt action on the part of the medical team ensured that all of them were swiftly isolated, tested again after 4 days, and then sent home. The Govt of MP has also announced the closure of all schools, including Scindia with effect from 14th April 2021. We are currently examining ways and means to ensure that no further cases emerge. All the faculty, staff and their family members, who will continue to be on the fort, will be tested every 4 days to ensure there is no recurrence of cases. We wish to thank all faculty, the medical community and above all, the parents, for their unwavering support, and suggestions. We will keep you periodically updated of further developments.