Cross Country Race

15 March 2022


It was a balmy morning with a delightful coolness to the air when the participants reached the Oval Field in the early morning to take part in The Inter House Cross Country Race for the Year 2021-22 on 13 March 2022. The much awaited event began at 6.30 am. The students ran with great vigour and covered the area marked for them. The preparation began soon after the PT III exam for all classes ended and the practice helped the boys to perform with great energy and enthusiasm. The boys were cheered loudly by the other participants and the faculty. The event began when the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat flagged the event. Eminent Old Boys from the Batch of 1974 encouraged the boys and Mr Gagan Khosla ran the race with the boys of Group A to inspire them to compete in the race with all their heart and soul. The boys ran strictly according to their respective groups in the Inter – House Cross Country Competition. They knew that any violation in this regard may result in disqualification of the House. After the long period of stillness during the Covid times, the sight of the runners racing through the track and the teachers encouraging them to speed up was truly a sight to behold.