Cross Country Race 2022-23

03 December 2022


The Cross Country race is a much awaited annual event of the Sports Calendar. This year the race was conducted on 2 December 2022. The race was conducted at three levels: Junior Houses, Senior Houses Group A (Classes X-XII) and Senior Houses Group B (Classes VIII & IX). The boys had practiced for almost two months, prior to the race, to prepare their minds and bodies for the rigours of the turf. Boys of the Junior Houses covered a distance of 1km, Senior Houses Group B covered a distance of 2 kms and Senior Houses Group A, a distance of approximately 4 kms. The Oval Field truly, became a riot of colours as the race was flagged off. The race tested the strength and endurance of the participant and taught them to push their limits to achieve a set goal. After the long period of stillness during the Covid times about an year ago, the sight of the runners racing through the track and the teachers encouraging them to speed up was truly a sight to behold.