Debating workshop

17 July 2017


Akash Jaini ( Ex Ja 2016) and Shantanu Kulshreshtha( Ex Ja 2016) conducted a debating workshop in school from Friday, 14th July to Sunday, 16th July. They drilled children in the Oxford, Cambridge and Parliamentary styles of debating. The participants were familiarised with the minutiae of each format and the debating jargon peculiar to each. The technical terms were simplified for the purpose of effectiveness in developing cogent arguments. One session was devoted exclusively to get children initiated into alternate ways of approaching a motion. Mock drills made all the theoretical knowledge alive for our boys. In addition to active debating the participants were also made to adjudicate so as to get a better understanding of speaker roles and the flow of the debate.
The boys of Junior House were introduced to the Oxford format and they too went through a mock session. The workshop threw up some promising and upcoming debaters and three rigorous sessions were held exclusively with them for greater practice. The boys found the sessions very enriching and could be seen flocking around the resource persons for clarifying doubts and queries. They feel a lot more confident about content generation and delivery post the workshop. Akash and Shantanu have promised to come again and will also be sharing video links and a reading list for the benefit of students.