Dr Bloreia’s visit

21 November 2015


Dr Bloreia interacted with the faculty members over a cup of tea on 20 November 2015. For past 10 years he has been coming regularly to school to share his valuable knowledge and interact with the boys. This is the last of his structured visits. His interaction catered to certain issues. Dr Bloreia said that the school system is not like that of a corporate world. It takes time to build a reputation. One is not here to gain popularity rather a teacher must aim to leave footprints to be remembered till time immemorium. The compensation one gets as a teacher should not be limited to monetary gains. The returns should be tangible and intangible.
He reiterated the fact that a teacher's actions and words are always noticed by the children as they leave an indelible impact in their minds. Hence integrity is the core word. He quoted Dr Karan Singh and said that a teacher must know the path, walk the path and only then must show the path. A teacher must be able to encourage inquisitiveness among the students for an all round development of his personality.
Some teachers asked a few pertinent questions and he answered them convincingly. At the end a token of love was given to Dr Bloreia by the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat.