Fond farewell to Mr. Samik Ghosh

21 April 2015


It was a poignant moment as Mr. Samik Ghosh got a ceremonial farewell befitting his successful tenure as Principal of The Scindia School. Mr. Ghosh was flanked by boys on horses and the teachers had lined up on the aisle while rose petals were showered upon him as he entered the SMOAT on 18th April 2015. The evening began with SSP, Arindam Bharadwaj’s speech in which he paid a glowing tribute to Mr. Ghosh for his work, achievements and personality. Dr BS Bhakuni recalled the passion and dedication Mr. Ghosh exhibited during his tenure and he will fondly remembered for his patience and generosity and the values he stood for in the simple life Mr. Ghosh led on the fort. He read a poem in Mr. Ghosh’s honour. Lt Col RD Sharma felt that Mr. Ghosh came across as the gentlest of gentlemen who respected the sentiments of other people but during the period of problems the school faced Mr. Ghosh maintained stoic calm and took all decisions after rationalizing what was best for the school. These are the hallmark of a leader and the students will always emulate his inner strength. Dr. Madhav Saraswat felt that Mr. Ghosh left an indelible impact in his mind within a span of just six days. Dr. Saraswat was awestruck with his persona and felt if he could shoulder this responsibility with same aplomb. He found Mr. Ghosh full of patience, humility, knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Saraswat narrated a shloka in Sanskrit and said that everyone must promise to imbibe two major qualities of Mr. Ghosh such as honesty and how to be a Guru in every sense. Mr. Ghosh was presented a portrait in pen and ink by Mr. Mustak Khan Chowdhury. Harsh Raj Gond gave him a small portrait made by him then a memento was presented to Mr. Ghosh by Dr. Saraswat and finally a plaque was given by Dr. Bhakuni and Mr. Bakshi which was signed by the faculty members. Mr. Ghosh was highly touched by this warm gesture and felt that Scindia is his family and it will always be a part of him and his family. His farewell speech began with a reference to teaching Physics in a unique way especially to Class IX. He urged the students to adopt an inclusive attitude and to do things with joy by letting people discover themselves. Mr. Ghosh felt he couldn’t give back to the school as much as he got. He acknowledged the quiet contribution of his wife and his children who stood by him through thick and thin. He felt grateful towards his colleagues for implementing his ideas with enthusiasm. He mentioned that he perhaps was a pampered Principal. Mr. Ghosh became nostalgic as he felt that everyone will carry a lot of Scindia with themselves whether it is the warmth of people, voice of the children or the smell of the soil. With utmost regard he said that he has passed on the baton to Dr. Saraswat who will make the school stronger, take it higher and make it grow faster. Mr. Ghosh felt a strong bond with the students and faculty who supported him during his illness. He acknowledged his debt to SOBA chapters who understood his mission and supported his decisions. At the end he thanked all House Masters, matrons and the teachers for their unrelenting support. He had a special word of appreciation and affection for Mr. Pawan Verma, with whom he worked closely together. He urged the students to be vigilant and never allow any trace of bullying or ragging enter the school. Finally he quoted one of the songs by Shri. DN Verma - ‘Chatra Dharma Ka Pavitra Mann Saath Mein Liye’ - and felt that we all must carry its message in our hearts as he surely would. At the end everyone proceeded towards Oval Field for dinner.