Hindi play “Trishanku” Staged

17 April 2015

Hindi Trishanku

Hindi play entitled “Trishanku” written by Dr. Brijmohan Shah was staged at SMOAT on 16th April 2015 under a star spangled sky. It was directed by Mr. Manoj Mishra. There is a play within the play. A playwrite is found to be in a state of confusion as to what would satisfy his audience and what the true purpose of theatre is. He picks characters from real life with their contradictions and hypocrisy. A young man finds corruption in every section of the society after facing disappointment at every stage. Hence he finds himself in a flux. The play doesn’t offer any solution as such but forces the audience to think deeply about this issue. The play revolved around Priyansh Jain as an anxious writer who is looking for a suitable character for his play. People from different strata of society ask the writer to make a play glorifying them. Lakshit Sachdeva as Raja, Yashdeep Rastogi as Rangla, Manya Nagi as Rangli, Tejas Agarwal as Politician, Ayush Jain as Officer, Sarthak Agarwal as Seth, Katyayani Saraswat as Lady, Harsh Raj Gond as an Intellectual, Atul Korkoo as Saheb and Akshat Kumar as the young man gave a commendable performance. The Principal, Mr Samik Ghosh congratulated the performers and reiterated the fact that the school has maintained its tradition of staging Hindi plays reflecting issues of the Indian society. Mr Ghosh congratulated the director and the entire cast as they were successful in holding the interest of the audience at three levels; reality, drama and the satirical element through their enthusiastic acting. There was a total involvement with the character which they portrayed effectively. Dr Madhav Saraswat praised the performance as he felt that the spontaneity gave a special flavour to the play. Dr. Saraswat felt that despite the fast pace of the play there was no lack of clarity. He suggested one can change the technical language in a play specially to encourage greater connect with the audience and clarify the meaning. At the end he said that “Trishanku” state is an integral part of every human being and only our knowledge and confidence can help us to come out of it. At the end the director, Mr. Manoj Mishra thanked everyone who was involved in the successful accomplishment of the play. The entire play was appreciated by the Scindian fraternity.