06 March 2018


The colours of Holi painted the teacher and the taught alike at The Scindia School, as the community came together to celebrate the festival of colours. The festivities began on the 1st of March with Holika Dehan, which symbolises the victory of good over evil. Next morning all the Scindians gathered at The Oval with gusto and played with colour. The Principal, Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat extended his warm wishes to the Scindian family on this occasion. This was followed by an informal lunch of the members of staff at the Principal’s bungalow, where the multi-faceted faculty through their skills of singing and acting had everybody asking for more. Whether it was the singing or the theatrical skills the spirit of the members of staff was unmatched. Folk songs like Holi khele raghuvira, Aaj Biraj mein Holi added additional charm to the festival. The qualitative time spent together further strengthened the bond amongst the proud ‘Scindians’. Thereafter the boys of the passing out class enjoyed not only a delectable meal but also company at the Principal’s sprawling lawns.