IAYP Awards Ceremony

21 April 2015

IYAP Award ceremony 2015

18th April 2015 the IAYP awards and certificates were given away by the Principal, Mr. Samik Ghosh to the students who qualified by fulfilling the basic criteria including Adventure and Service. It was a delight to see the corridor notice boards lined with pictures of previous years' gold awardees and some memorable adventure activities. This year 10 students got gold, 13 silver and 20 got bronze awards. First Sukanya Shukla read out the IAYP report. This international award was founded by HH The Duke of Edinburgh, in 1956, in conjunction with Dr. Kurt Hahn, the German educationist. The international award is an exciting self-development programme available to all within the age bracket of 14 to 25 years. Then there was a detailed report on various adventure activities like mountaineering expedition to Daupadi Ka Danda and cycling expedition from Bharatpur to Bikaner covering a formidable distance of over 500 kms at an average of about 109 kms a day. Dhananjay Saraf and Manikya Bansal received the prestigious Anirudh Sharma Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Adventure Sports and the special blazer. Mrs Rakhi Sharma got a special memento for being a part of the cycling expedition. Manas Pant, Sugandha Shukla and Pratul Jain received special recognition for their achievements in adventure sports. The King Constantine Medals were given to Dhananjay Saraf, Shishir Garg and Anirudh Gangwal for their outstanding work in promoting the IDEALS of Round Square. They got a citation and a medal. The Hindi magazine `Uplabdhi' was released and Principal congratulated the staff editor and his team. At the end of this wonderful assembly the students' band presented a fusion of popular Hindi composition.