Logophilia language workshop

05 April 2016

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The Logophilia language workshop was conducted from 28th March to 1st April 2016 for twenty faculty members teaching different subjects. The workshop was also for the students of class 9th to 11th. The program dealt with introduction to “How to study words through Etymology Education”. English being the common medium of instruction in school, it was intriguing to learn about the etymology of words in the language. The well-read linguist, Mr Dhruv Raj Sharma, enlightened the preceptors with various languages that form English and how the students can be taught to learn vocabulary by studying the origin of words. Interestingly, more than half of the ten lakh words in the English language are borrowed from Latin and French. After a prolonged session on the last day, the budding logophiles received a book and a certificate. It was indeed, a thoroughly educative and an enriching workshop.