Mersin Citrus Festival

09 April 2015


19 boys escorted by two teachers got an excellent chance to showcase their talents when they took part in Mersin Citrus Festival in Mersin, Turkey. This event was organized by Udbhav Gwalior. The host was the Mayor of Mersin. The event was from 15th November to 22ndNovember 2104. On the first day of the festival the boys participated in a march past and then they performed a dance called" Dashavtar" in front of the Mayor. click here to see the video clip. They couldn't perform the orchestra due to heavy rain. The next day ie on 16th November after march past on the same road they performed a dance on Hanuman Chalisa in front of a crowd of approximate strength. Again after two hours they sang a Chhatisgarhi folk song but on a smaller stage in an open area. The students and teachers had an enriching experience being a part of a cultural fest where troupes from over 20 different countries permormed. On 17th November only a selected few performed a folk orchestra in a school named Kuzucubelen School, Mersin and the talented Scindians were one of them. On 18th November they went sightseeing in Mersin which later culminated into shopping in a traditional market. After a very successful performance the Scindian team reached Istanbul on 19th November 2014. The next few days were spent touring Istanbul and they visited the famous Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Dolmabah├že Palace. Turkey tour is incomplete without enjoying the famous Bosphorus river cruise. The boys were delighted to visit the strategic point that separates Europe and Asia. After an enjoyable tour the boys reached home on 23rd November 2014 with lots of memorable memories and leaving an impact on the Turkish soil.