Old Boys’ Day

20 October 2015


On 20th October 2015 the Scindian family warmly welcomed the Old Boys of 1975, 1990, 1995 and 2005 Batch and their families. Students of Junior School (Classes VI, VII and the freshers of Class VIII) displayed their yoga and karate skills on the Oval Field followed by rhythmic exercises. They did Surya Namaskar in M formation and it was followed by Pyramid Formation. Along with the first pyramid they did Sarwang Aasan followed by Dhanur Aasan in the second formation. It was followed by Chakra Aasan and in the fourth pyramid the boys did multiple aasans such as Setuband Aasan, Karnpeed Aasan, Dwipad Aasan and Pashchimottan Aasan. Then the budding karate practioners showcased their skills in punching, striking and open hand techniques. Agrim Kapoor performed Kata. Then Agrim, Kenchay and Parabal performed Bunkai. Self defense techniques using lathis were displayed by Palzang, Pratham Dalmia and Namsang. It was a delight to watch Angad, Kartikey Adwait and Shivay break tiles and a pot. At the end Tushar Gupta broke tiles on fire and it was indeed daring. At the end the young Scindians displayed rhythmic exercise which is a perfect example of coordination and combination. Soon after this the young daring riders gave a riding display exhibiting their equestrian feats. Adi Nagpal came galloping bearing the school flag. Yuvraj Bhatia and Jagjeet Jain gave the standing salute. Ayush Singh displayed rudiments of vaulting including show jumping. Amrit pal Singh Virk did tent pegging and Abhinav Gautam and Siddharth Agarwal gave rear salute. At the end the riding team came in a line saluting the spectators. At the end the Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat congratulated the performers and said that they performed with perfection and joy. It was followed by parent teacher interaction from 9.40 am to 12.30 pm. The parents were briefed about the performance of their children. The day began on a cheerful note as the Old Boys and parents went around admiring the exhibitions displayed by young Scindians. An exciting cricket match between Old Boys and Present boys at the Madhav field added cheer to the morning. Click here to see photographs. The Old Boys and their families went for a round of the school and they were escorted by School Students ambassadors. It was a pleasure to watch the old boys, parents and teachers meet informally during lunch at the school mess. Then they proceeded towards their respective houses. The old boys interacted with the teachers when they met them for lunch at the school mess. Soon after they visited all the houses and were reminiscent of their Good Old Days. SOBA Annual General Body Meeting was held in the Assembly Hall at 2.40 pm. The members engaged in discussions on ways to strengthen their school. In the afternoon there was a Hockey and Basketball Match between Old Boys Vs Present Boys at 04:00 PM. It was loudly cheered by the audience and it was a treat to watch the boys play with a great deal of enthusiasm. In the evening there was an entertainment programme at SMOAT by the Old Boys of 1990 Batch. SOBA President, Mr Gopal Bhargava welcomed the guests and said that it was a moment to reacquaint with and relive the school life. SOBA secretary, Mr Sandeep Agarwal read out the report for the year 2014-15. Then the Chief Guest on this occasion, Wing Commander, Dr Nandan Khanolkar was introduced by the Vice President, Mr Banjul Badil. When the Chief Guest addressed the gathering he went down the memory lane. SOBA heartily welcomed Principal, Dr Madhav Deo Saraswat and Bursar, Col Sanjiv Kaushal. Then SOBA award was conferred upon Mr Krishan Mohan Agarwal. Then announcement about the launch of mobile apps directory was made by the Chief Guest. It was immediately followed by the launch of SOBA flag by the SOBA Awardee, Mr K M Agarwal. The audience cheered when ALUMNI card was launched by Mr Bakshi and Mr Rajiv Wadhwa. The coveted SOBA award was given by the Chief Guest and Madhav Awardee to the Kanpur Chapter, which worked very hard to further the cause of the alumni association. The blood donation report was read out and Mumbai Chapter stood way ahead of the rest with a donation of 132 units. Finally the much awaited cultural programme began and it was thoroughly enjoyed and cheered by the audience. The evening ended on a high note with dinner for Old Boys and staff at the Principal’s residence and everyone looked forward to the next day, i.e. the Founder’s Day.