Report on Mountaineering Expedition to Yunam Peak

16 July 2016


Number of Present Students : Jai Chandrakar, Ishan Mahajan, Chetan Bansal, Shreyansh Jain, Ankit Kumar, Harsimar, Snehil Tripathi, Pavan Jaini, Adarsh Tulsyan, accompanied by Akash Jaini, Manas Pant and Mr.Vijay Jaini and three teacher escorts went for a Mountaineering Expedition to Yunam Peak. They were there from 18th June- 28th June 2016.
The objective of the Mountaineering Expedition was to scale the Yunam Peak which is at the height of approximately 20000 feet above sea level. It is close to the beautiful Baralacha Pass, in Bharatpur Village where the contingent set up their basic advance camp.
The team did some basic acclimatisation and activities like high rope walking, rock climbing, river crossing, rappelling and long treks here for two days. At dawn they left for Jispa, bringing them closer to their destination. On the way, the group hiked to the famous Rohtang Pass. At Jispa they rested for a night and left for Bharatpur the next morning. One student faced difficulty in breathing and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. Hence, only seven out of fifteen were fit to move to the Advance Camp 1 which was at a height of approximately 15000 feet.
The spectacular mountainous terrain, fast flowing streams, snow peaked mountains, glacial pools made the climb worth it. Two students Akash Jaini and Pavan Jaini along with Dr. Pawan Sharma made it to the summit. Due to depleted energy levels and fatigue, the rest made it up to nearly 19000 feet. It was a successful and exhilarating experience for all.