Science Fest 2015

12 August 2015

Science fest 2015

Science Fest 2015 was held from 8th August -10th August 2015. On 8th August a workshop was conducted by Dr. Prabodh Chobe to Popularize Chemistry. Dr. Prabodh Chobe graduated from IIT – Bombay and got his Doctoral degree in Organometallic Chemistry from State University of New York. The workshop was divided into four sessions. In the first session he told the delegates about great scientists and their achievements. In the second session he talked about some interesting inventions and the topic was "Future Innovations based on Chemistry". He briefed the students about Quiz in the third session. In the meantime Dr. Chobe and Dr. Rana interacted with chemistry teachers and informed them that students need a teacher to ignite a spark in them and not to simply complete the syllabus. After lunch there was “Out of the Box Thinking" Contest. Four students from IX - XII came on stage and discussed some problems and tried to find entirely different solutions. An interesting session was conducted by Dr. Arindam Rana. He did his research at Indian Association for The Cultivation of Science, Kolkata in Synthetic Coordination Chemistry mimetic of Bioinorganic molecules. Dr. Arindam Rana got his Ph.D. Degree from Jadavpur University in 1998 and did his postdoctoral research in Metalloporphyrin Chemistry at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA [2002-2003] His session was full of excitement where he used several chemicals and also common substances to perform various reactions. The day ended with a special dinner for delegates. On the second day Science Exhibition was held. The theme was “Disaster Resistant Buildings”.The winning entry from Daly College was “Floating Nuclear Power Plant”. MGD girls school made a model on “tornedo resistant buildings”. Indian School and JPHS’s model was based on protection from four disasters earthquake, floods, hurricane and blast. The Scindia School models were made on earthquake and flood resistant buildings. After lunch it was time for Treasure Hunt. The delegates ran around the entire campus looking for clues. Some of the interesting clues were “Here you have reached, the sun will soon set. Bow at the feet of the saint in red, the next clue you shall get.” “COHOLS EATG TYCUSIRE ARGUD” “to solve this little fix mix solids, liquids and gases’’, ‘’head to the place of some reaction, to end this puzzle transaction’’ and ‘’greet a friend, silent and old and in return, the treasure you shall hold”. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants as they explored the whole campus. The day ended with a memory game which had 13 rounds. Students saw 12 slides based on Chemistry for thirty seconds each and then recalled it in one minute each. It was indeed exciting. On 10th August, 2015 Origami and Chem-bola were conducted. Origami (Molecular Structures) is an art which is slowly being used in advance sciences to study molecular structures. Chem-bola is a different form of Tambola (which was based on chemical properties of elements present in periodic table). The closing ceremony was held in the afternoon and the results were declared. Dr.A.P.S.Chauhan from Jeevaji University was the Chief Guest on this occasion. Results of the events: Memory Game: 1st –– Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya,Gwalior 2nd – Daly College,Indore. 3rd – The Scindia School,Gwalior. Origami: 1st – Indian School,New Delhi. 2nd –Daly College,Indore. 3rd – MGD Girls school,Jaipur. ChemBola: 1st – Punjab Public school Nabha,Punjab 2nd – Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior. 3rd – The Scindia School,Fort,Gwalior Exhibition: 1st - Daly College, Indore. 2nd – MGD Girls School, Jaipur. 3rd – Indian School, New Delhi. The overall trophy was won By Daly College, Indore. The three day event ended on a positive note.