SCIMUN Conference 2016-17

24 November 2016


Third edition of The Scindia School Model United Nations Conference was hosted by The Scindia School from 17th - 19th November 2016. 190 delegates from eleven schools participated in the three day Conference. The participating schools were:-
1. Little Angels High School, Gwalior
2. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior
3. Delhi Public School, Gwalior
4. Maharani Gayatri Devi School , Jaipur
5. Mayoor School, Ajmer
6. Jaishree Periwal High School, Jaipur
7. Pathways World School, Aravali
8. Modern School, Vasant Vihar
9. Daly College, Indore
10. Bhartiyam Vidya Niketan
This year six committees were simulated that spanned geographical areas and time periods like Second United Front (War against Japan post Manchuria invasion), JCC India Cabinet- 1971 War, JCC Pak Cabinet- 1971 War, UNHRC (Syrian Refugee Crisis in the European Union), SPECPOL (Reform of Peacekeeping Operations) and UNSC (Comprehensive Review of UNSC resolution 1540 on Weapons of Mass Destruction). International Press (IP) covered the proceedings of these committees and a daily newsletter; MUNdane was also published.
The Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony on 17th November 2016 was Dr. Sudhir Bloeria, an eminent old boy of the school and a distinguished bureaucrat and author. He talked about the establishment of UN after the Second World War and also discussed the Bangladesh liberation war and how Japan became an ally. Abhijeet Nagpal, the Secretary General of the conference emphasised upon the fact that Model United Nations conferences help in enhancing a participant’s knowledge and speaking skills. Principal Dr. Madhav Deo Saraswat, in his speech pointed out that talented boys excel but the hard working ones outshine in a crowd. The Executive Board members of different committees in their address to the delegates laid out their expectations from the Committees and issues. The Executive Board members of the Committees were:
• United Nations Security Council:- Chair- Sitara Srinivas, Vice Chair- Prithvi Gupta
• United Nations Human Right Council:- Chair- Akhil Puri, Vice Chair- Siddhant Awasthi, Rapporteur- Sanskar Singhal
• Second United Front, China:-
Chair- Shantanu Kulshreshtha, Vice Chair- Ambica Naithani, Rapporteur- Shivank Singh • Joint Crisis Committee (Pakistani Cabinet):-
Chair- Abhay Lal, Vice Chair- Simran Gulati • Joint Crisis Committee (Indian Cabinet):-
Chair- Sid Bedi, Vice Chair-Snehil Tripathi • Special Political And Decolonization Committee:-
Chair- Aditya Sharma, Vice Chair- Aniket Basu • International Press:-
Editor-In-Chief- Yohen Thounaojam The first Committee sessions started with introduction of all the delegates, they were briefed about the rules and procedures followed by discussion of various agendas in the committee venues.
The second day of the conference was more exciting as all the delegates were well prepared and knew how the committee should proceed in the right direction. On the last day the committees had their working papers ready and draft resolutions were discussed and voted upon. Professor Dharam Singh, an expert in Guru Granth Sahib was the keynote speaker for the Closing Ceremony. He talked about the importance of religious harmony and how it can be maintained even after the differences that are present in our society. The Executive Board members of each committee recognized and awarded the extraordinary delegates with special mention, high commendation and the best delegate award. The Secretary General also gave the “Secretary General’s Best Delegate” award. The Executive Board and the Secretariat were given mementos by the chief guest, Professor Dharam Singh and Principal Dr Saraswat. In the end, The Director General and the Senior School Prefect, Mriganka Ghosh proposed a vote of thanks and declared SCIMUN 2016 closed.
Jaishree Periwal High School won the Best Delegation award. The winners for other Committees were:
Committee Award Portfolio
UNHRC Special Mention Latvia and Kyrgyzstan
High Commendation Switzerland
Best Delegate China
UNSC Special Mention Venezuela and Angola
High Commendation Malaysia
Best Delegate France
SUF Special Mention Zhang Aiping and Fu
SPECPOL Special Mention Germany and Kuwait
High Commendation USA
Best Delegate UK
JCC-IND Special Mention Indira Gandhi, Yashvardhan Chavan and K. Hanumanthaiya
High Commendation Mahendra Mohan
Best Delegate Governor of Bengal
JCC-PAK Special Mention Nurul Amin and Joseph S. Farland
High Commendation Mohd. Akbar Khan
Best Delegate Abdul Ali Malik
IP High Commendation Ashi Rohira
Best Delegate Yana Yadav
SECGEN’s Best Delegate China (UNHRC)